Naim Radio

Is anybody else having a problem with Naim Radio?

Every time that I try to use it, it says “connecting” and then “stopped” on the Nova and something similar on the Qb. It has been like this since the weekend. All other radio stations are working normally.

It obviously isn’t device specific as it affects bioth the Nova and the Qb but it also doesn’t appear to be widespread as I would have expected someone to raise the issue earlier!

My Naim Radio is off (UK)
I didn’t have it on yesterday, but I think it was OK over the weekend

@Stevesky fyi

Not working here Bristol UK screen shows reconnect if I try to reconnect it takes me to Radio 2 which was the station previously used.

Phew! Not just me then.

I heard from Naim that the server went down. Should be fixed now though.

YES - Naim Radio is up, running & sounding good

Back up and running. :slightly_smiling_face:

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