Naim RCA to 5 pin DIN Interconnect Problems

So I’ve got problems with this recently purchased cable, I am contacting the dealer but wondered if anyone else has had similar problems ? I think this is the ‘Lavender cable’.
The RCA connections work fine on my Denafrips DAC but on my Cambridge Audio streamer they are loose and I can’t get a sound in both channels. If i wiggle them i get intermittent sound. I’ve not had a problem with other RCA connections on this streamer.

What are you trying to connect to what? The cable is wired RCA to Din.

So, the Phono Plugs are not a good fit then, with your CA streamer - but are OK with your Denafrips DAC…?

As I understand it, Phono Plugs are not very well standardised - in stark contrast to DIN pugs which are. So issues like this can occur, sadly.

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I’m connecting RCA source to 5 pin DIN amp (Naim Nait 50)

Can you post a photo of the rca plugs?

Thanks. That’s odd. I used a Naim RCA phono to Din lavender lead when I had a Rega phono stage and the RCA plugs were a really good, tight fit. If the plugs fit nicely with the Denafrips, it rather suggests that it’s the Cambridge having small sockets rather than an issue with the plugs. Maybe you’ll need to find a lead that has RCA plugs that can be tightened.

You can buy pairs of these excellent Rega plugs for £30.

Pic from the dealer

You could try squeezing the bits inside each plug to make it tighter.
Look inside and you’ll see there are 4 quarters forming a circle, with a small gap between each one. If these were made tighter then it would better grip around the phono socket. With a small tool, tip of a knife, tweezers etc lever each one towards the centre a little.


Which source do you use, the Denafrips or the CA?
Do you alternate between the two?

Why not use the lavender on the Denafrips and purchase a different make for the CA which fits better.

It’s probably easier to take the plug apart and squeeze the loose bits with pliers.

RCA’s are a standard size, and i feel i shouldn’t have to twiddle with pliers on a new cable. I’ve never had a problem with RCA’s before.

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If this is true - then there is no explanation for your problem.

If its not true - there is.


I think it is fairly common. I had two diffferent types of Chord cables feeding a Linn pre amp years ago. One was a pretty good fit. The other required significant force to get them into the socket. Once there, removing them was a battle! It may be worth simply trying a different cable and returning the one which doesn’t fit. I suspect that the issue isn’t simply tolerance with the manufacture of the plugs , but also with the sockets.

Not surprised, TBH. As I said, I do not think that the dimensions of Phono Plugs are really standardised very well. If you wanted to get a g’teed good ‘fit’, you would (ideally) need both male and female parts to be from the same manufacturer. Say a Deltron plug with a Deltron socket.

Not a problem with DIN plugs - or with XLR’s.

Oh well, I’m sure I can work around it, thanks for the input guys. I may return the Naim cable.
Replacement Van Damme and Chord Shawline cables purchased on ebay to try.
I could also of course do a digital out from the streamer into my DAC.

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