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Whatever happened to Naim Records? I’ve got a few sampler CDs from a few years back and they don’t seen to be around anymore.

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Many thanks.

They do seem to have less prominence than they used to have so i’m not sure how this fits into future Naim. I’m sure @Richard.Dane may be able to fill in with more detail.

AFAIK Naim Records is still very much a part of Naim’s business. Last Records I got were the Yazz Ahmed and Harry Jay Steele’s 12” single.


Remember a couple of years ago they produced a box set black box 1.
This was supposed to be followed up with another 2 Box sets, but that seems to have died as well.

There were some superb albums: Charlie Haden, Antonio Forcione, Chris Anderson to name a few, but also some incredibly dull stuff. If the label stopped releasing, and maybe it has, it wouldn’t be a great loss. It doesn’t seem to have released anything worth getting excited about for an awfully long time. Maybe their decent music ended with their decent speakers.


Many years ago there were some excellent classical music releases. It seems Naim has given up recording in this genre, a shame.

Regarding classical releases, I was told that costs are high with classical orchestras in particular, and sales were comparatively poor.

Anyway, I think that James, the Naim Records manager, will be coming on soon to appraise you all of what’s new and upcoming on the Naim Records label.

I too have a load of the old good Naim releases, it was some of those artists that changed some of my musical tastes & appreciations for the better. I’ve continued to follow some of them even tho’ they’ve moved on from Naim. I had a chat with Antonio Forcione last time he played at Stowe & he said that he needed to move on to get to a wider audience.
I have to agree there has been nothing to get excited about from Naim in the last few years.
My last few albums that I’ve bought outside the usual www download vendors has been from Linn; a bit specialised in some respects but they are at least more serious about their own label.
… highly recommend Clare Martin’s latest “Believin’ it” 192/24

Thanks, Richard, yes, of course costs of recording a whole orchestra would inevitably be high, so I can understand Naim’s position. Classical music performed by a single artist is less costly, for instance I remember a fine disc of Grieg piano music from Naim performed by Havard Gimse - I still have this. Downloads only would be much cheaper to produce, with no cost of a physical product, ie CDs, packaging and distribution, and with the benefit of higher resolution sound. One can but hope …

Hello Forum users!

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in Naim Records. I took the mantle of Label Ops Manager in Autumn last year and inherited a label that had built a legacy on an wonderful and varied back catalogue,

The last year or so has been focussed on the consolidation and tidying up of the label behind the scenes, with a view to pushing the label forward in an exciting direction from 2020. In saying that, we have released a stunning ambient jazz record this year from two previous Naim artists in their own right, coming together to collaborate on this special album; ‘Counterpart’ by Sean Foran (Trichotomy) & Stuart McCallum. Well worth a listen.

We’ve got 2 debut albums coming out next year from Daudi Matsiko & Harry Jay-Steele – who both previously released their first EP’s on Naim Records. Our focus is to be on the development of fresh artists, providing them with the platform to release music that they may not have had otherwise. Both Daudi and Harry are supremely talented musicians and songwriters, each bringing a unique perspective to the craft. The albums will be special. Naim is also working with an incredibly exciting young artist right from grassroots level – some exceptional studio demos have already landed in my inbox. Eyes peeled for that one in the coming months.

We may or may not also be working on a special project with a Naim Records old favourite. I’ll say no more… :wink:

In addition to the artist-centred releases, Naim Records is also working on some exciting collaborative projects alongside some big-hitters in the world of music; both live and recorded. No details to dish as yet, but I will do so as and when appropriate.

That brings you about up to speed with all things Naim Records. I’ll try to answer any questions you may have on here when I can! Exciting times ahead.

Best to keep an eye on our socials for any news, and you can find our full catalogue here at our Bleep store.



Listening on the new NDX2 282 (&250DR) and wow!



I thought the Yazz Ahmed album was excellent.

Did I remember Naim releasing a Craig Armstrong album? I was going to buy the download but Naim priced it outrageously. Or I dreamt it :slight_smile:

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Linn seems to manage to record and release a load of award-winning classical albums. Just saying.



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Yes, that’s what makes it so frustrating for us Naim devotees. I’ve bought many superb classical recordings from the Linn label.

I started a thread called; Truly well recorded audiophile quality music that one can enjoy listening to as well it didn’t get much response, so it closed, but Naim records was top on the list.

Lots of so called audiophile albums are not exatly a pleasure to listen to, music is no good, but these 3 stands out with great music and great audio;

Naim Label
Naim label
Naim Label craftsmanship. These 2 albums are long time favorites of mine.

Carmen Gomes One point Stereo recording
Brand new one point stereo recording, stunning audio quality and realisme, highly recommended.


Please do post more suggestions.


One of my favourite albums from the last decade of the Naim Record Label is Phantom Limb’s The Pines. It’s really good on vinyl too (and you got a hi res download).

Recently I attended a Naim demo and was pleased to be reaquainted with an old favourite demo track of old - John Van der Veer’s The Ark and the track 911.



Thanks Peet, I have all your recommendations except Fred Simon
Thats now been ‘corrected’

@JT_NaimRecords the metadata on Fred Simon “Dreamhouse” needed tweaking.
Album.Artist tag not loaded
No ID3, but MP3tag found it OK
Strange track numbers 1//1 2//2 etc.
No album cover art embedded