Naim remote alternative?


I apologize in advance for this likely being a repeat topic. My searches haven’t yielded any exact answers.

Are there any after market/universal remotes that could work with the MuSo 2? I won’t go into the obviousness around the great disparity in quality between the MuSo 2 and it’s pathetic remote. Perhaps I just did.

Has anyone had any luck in finding an alternative remote? If so, details please.

Thank you


It might not be the answer you’re looking for but, I only ever use my iPhone.

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Ah, that explains why my Narcom controls the Qb1 and not the Qb2. The remote that comes with the Qb2 and mu-so 2 doesn’t seem bad, and does everything you need - volume, pause, skip, lights etc.

The Musos still use good old fashioned IR, not Zigbee like the other Naim streamers and Unitis, so I would have thought it might work with a Harmony or similar?

Thanks Chris. You’re right, it’s just the Uniti range and above that use Zigbee. I’ll delete my post.

Harmony remotes were discontinued last year by Logitech, sadly.

I just noticed a Harmony 650, which we use in our TV room, for sale on the Big River for £866.25. What!!!


That’s a real shame. We love ours. Very easy to setup macros across multiple products and nice and simple to use too.

I wonder why my Narcom will control a QB1 and not a QB2. I thought the Zigbee thing was the answer.

Sorry, I have no idea, I just use my iPhone for my QB2 most of the time.

Did you have to pair your remote with your Qb2? If so, then I expect the Gen 2 musos also use zigbee. You could check by putting the remote into your pocket and see whether the Qb2 can still “see” it.

I didn’t try. I simply pointed the Narcom at a Qb1 and it controlled the volume and mute. I then pointed it at a Qb2 and it didn’t.

The manual states it’s IR but I’ll caveat that with it being a later Naim manual which isn’t always guaranteed to be accurate compared to the older manuals…

I don’t really take much notice of remotes as I rarely use then, but the 1st and 2nd gen Muso remotes are different, so while I’m sure they are both bog standard RC5 IR, I wonder if they use different codes.

The Naim website says:

“This new remote works with both Mu-so and Mu-so 2nd Generation, plus Mu-so Qb (which doesn’t come with a remote as standard).”

But as this presumably preceded the launch of the Qb2 (which was some months after the muso 2, the new remote probably works for Qb2 as well.

Anyway as Chris says, it’s just RC5 IR and not zigbee.

The muso2 remote is a very basic line of sight affair.
The real question is a remote alternative that allows the battery to be easily replaced surely?

It’s easy to replace the battery.

Ive not managed to get the cover off yet.

Use a sharp knife. It’s very straightforward.

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I think is the best looking technique for the newer flat remotes.