Naim REmote?

Anybody recognize this remote? It came with my HDX but I don’t see anything like it elsewhere in the Nain remote hierarchy(?)

It’s a Narcom DV, used with the NVi, DVD5 and AV2. Google is your friend.

I think it’s slightly different to the Narcom DV. The lower rows of buttons are not the same. As far as I’m aware this one was specific to the 1st gen servers. It was supplied as standard with the HDX and as an optional extra with the Unitiserve.


I didn’t check that closely, merely looking for the green buttons. So it’s an HDX remote, as supplied with the HDX. What a surprise.

No need to be snarky. Yes, I did google it and came up with very little - hence the question.

So, its a unique remote to the HDX and maybe a couple of other devices. Thanks Chris.


You’re in fine form recently. Seems you’re struggling to respond without sarcasm.


Naim AV Remote control

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Any takers for a show us your remote thread :blush:


Block function useful…

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