Naim repair in Europe?

How do things work in Europe? If something goes wrong with, for example, a Uniti Atom, does the Italian importer repair it in Italy or does it get sent somewhere else i.e. Germany, back to the UK etc.?

I live in Sweden and my Atom with a faulty screen was sent to England for repair. It took 3 months…

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It’s down to the distributor and it would seem that each country’s distributor has their own different arrangements. Some have their own service facilities, others not. Some things they will be able to do on site while others may need to be sent to the factory. It’s best to contact your particular distributor and discuss your needs with them and see what they advise.

Many European countries have a quite large distributor, e.g. Latham for Benelux, LASA in Italy, or Focal Naim Germany (nee Musicline) in Germany. The dealer will liaise with them, and they can perform many things by themselves, such as certain servicing, replacing something, etc. For things they can’t do, they package units and send them to Naim HQ.

Other countries have smaller distributors, or none, and are often supported by bigger distributors of other countries, I think, or might work with Naim HQ directly

Every time some of my equipment has been send back to HQ it has taken at least 8 weeks Even when we had a distributor that knew what was going on at Naim as I understand it this is no o longer the case both some dealers and users seems to know more about Naim than the current distributor. Brexit has probably not made return times shorter so I sometimes wonder why we do not have more things done in Germany. Hopefully it will take years before anything I own has to go back to HQ again.

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I had occasion to send a Hiline and Burndy for repair soon after moving to France, both suffered from my handling when taking the system apart with a cracked ring on the Hiline and the sleeve pulled out of the strain relief vlamp on the Burndy (It was a hugger to release the amp ends from the 500). I went through a local dealer and it took about a month, costing me €80 for postage.
My 282/Hicap/250-2 are due a service but are unused at the moment but I assume I should use the same route, I’m not planning have them DRed but will wait a bit anyway as I’m in no hurry.

Thank you all for the replies. They have been informative and helpful as I contemplate making a new purchase.

LASA Italy - this looks to be a general service center contracted by the Naim importer. They service Naim - in addition to 41 additional brands :hushed: Sorry however I have my doubts.
Focal Naim Germany (Musicline) appears to remain the gold standard in Europe - short of a return visit to the factory.


They are world class. Drop them a line and you’ll see they respond well. They are a bit like Class A, a bit lower price, high turn around.

When I had one of my amps serviced with them, they even returned the replaced components.

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OK - thanks

Another general question - how does Naim warranty service work in Europe (I am in the States). Is one obligated to have warranty service performed in the country of purchase or can any European service center perform a warranty repair?

Specifically if I were to purchase something in Germany am I obligated to send it back there for warranty repair…or would the Italian center perform the repair if I were in Italy?

I would imagine for warranty work you would return the item to the dealer and they would sort it.

The warranty is not international. Any warranty is made between you and the dealer/distributor and is specific to the country where the item was purchased.

Thank you - understood

+1 for LASA. Had my 250 recapped and DRed by them. Excellent communication and service. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

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I also live in Sweden and it depends on which product it is, replacing the screen on my Uniti took 5 minutes …

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