Naim repair warranty?

Does anyone have experience with getting an out-of-warranty Naim repair, and then having another fault on the same component within 6 months? Would Naim typically charge again for the service or honour their work for some period after it is performed? I’ve had my dealer reach out, but while we’re waiting to hear… wondering if anyone might have experienced first-hand?

Probably one for @Naim.Marketing.

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If a unit is repaired here in Salisbury, it goes back to the consumer with a fresh 12-month warranty on that specific repair/issue.


Lovely to hear, my hopes are now raised.

This turned out well. Got my SN2 back seemingly better than ever.



I think any of the Naim service companies provide a warranty for their work. I know the approved agent Class A in Sheffield offer the same 12 months as Naim themselves.

Lovely fellow too. Great work on vintage kit.

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