Naim’s Less Than Exciting Background ‘Styles’

Does anyone else find the background ’Styles’ in the iOS Naim app boring and outdated? Who do I contact to request an update or the option to import photos from our own photo library to replace the current ‘styles’?

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Here’s a background that you might like better…

Browse to your legacy streamer’s ip address, like my NDX (if you have one):


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I have a Muso-2 and it doesn’t seem to have any options other than those shown on the photo I added above.

Excuse my attempt at humor.

Yes, it looks like Naim would have to enhance the “Style” feature in the app, as it is currently limited to the built-in choices.

An enhancement to allow importing an image is a nice idea, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Naim has a small software team, and perhaps they have bigger fish to fry.

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I’ll copy in @tomvamos from our software team for info, but as already noted, there are a lot of other things going on at moment - not least major mandatory updates coming from our tech/service partners (Google, Apple, TIDAL etc).

A quick reply from the software team, whom confirm they are working to modernise this aspect of the App. No release date as yet, but it is in the development schedule. More details nearer time.


Thanks for your prompt reply, Clare.

How about having a Naim Green background as an option :sunglasses:

I asked a few times for Naim Olive Green yonks ago when this app was first introduced.

Now I’m happy in Black - 50 Shades of Black :wink:


Looking forward to seeing what emerges.

What I’d really like, though, is the return of the psychedelic squiggles on the startup screen on my Atom. OK, I know I’m shallow, but just sayin’


Yeah, that’s not likely, to be honest.

I am linking this here

And would Sir prefer the grey-olive or the brown-olive? :blush:


Thanks a lot

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