Naim S8 Dual Banana plugs

Can anybody tell me if the 2 pins in a new unsoldered Naim S8 Dual Banana plug have unique polarity, i.e., one is +ve and one is -ve. I was foolishly having a look at them, pulled the 2 pins out of the plastic surround and now don’t know which is the left and which is the right one. I’m assuming it doesn’t matter and that they are interchangable? However, it’s also evident from the events listed above that I should leave these things be.

No, they are all the same. You’re overthinking this. :slight_smile:

The pins can be whatever you want them to be however this doesn’t help your situation. Can you remember what way around the plate went and was it only the one cable you did this to? There is a slight ridge on one edge of NAC A5 (assuming you’re using Naim cable) and provided you have not touched the other cable you will be able to determine (by inspecting that one), which side is negative or positive and go from there…

I have the 2 x S8 plugs (not soldered to NACA5 yet) so sounds like all is ok.

From here I understand slight ridge on one edge is connected to +ve terminals.

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Don’t forget to keep in mind the amp output sockets are ‘handed’

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Make sure that when you do solder them that the quality is up to standard otherwise you will not hear the majesty that NAC A5 brings-

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