Naim SBL Problem

sealed the boxes!! blimey its a bit complicated all of this isn’t it!..

Ill try the gluing shortly. So I have all of the boxes for the speakers and amp etc and noticed some silicone sealant inside… I presume that’s used for sealing the boxes! thanks

Welcome to naim audio speakers. Oh but it’s worth it that’s for sure.

Thanks! and thanks all for the amazing responses, incredibly helpful!

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Get the phase plug done first. Then get the speakers where you want them.

You should find a square gasket on the top of the bottom box. Is it ok? Are the four little shiny pads on the bottom of the bass box ok? If they are knackered you need new ones, and maybe to fill any spike holes in the wood with filler. If these and the gasket are ok then you can seal the speakers. You need to rub a very very thin layer of fairy liquid on the gasket and on the underside of the bass box. This makes it far easier to separate the boxes at a later date. Then you run a bead of sealer round the gasket, and lower the bass box in place, pressing down gently so that the pads rest on the spikes but don’t go right through them. If you look from the side the sealer should not spill over the gasket - it should sit between the gasket and the middle box. If it spills over and joins the two boxes together, that’s not right and the speakers won’t work so well. To test the seal, gently push the bass driver in. If it comes out slowly the seal is good. If it pops out immediately it’s time to remove the box and start again.

Success! for now… all seems well and sounding great


Good news! It is worth doing a little research on SBLs. HH gave you some essential tips above but there are all sorts of little set up tips to get them working at their best. Well set up they are one of the best speakers ever made in my view. Poorly done they can disappoint. They reward a bit of work, and always show the benefit of other upgrades further up the chain.


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Credo drivers dont work. I tried it unsucessfully. Less bass.

Interesting. They should be the same, just not selected or matched. Are you sure they weren’t Intro drivers or perhaps faulty?

Positive. I took them out of Credos that were in a 2nd system.

Had to replace both MK2 drivers with brand new ones from the factory because they were buzzing at certain frequencies. $$$$ Ouch! Now 4 years later one of the two new drivers is starting to buzz again.!!:frowning_face:

I get the impression that you picked up the speakers assembled, transported them home and ‘plonked’ them down.

Once you’ve resolved the minor issue of the phase plug - you may need to seek advice on how to disassemble your speakers and set them up correctly.

You may wish you hadn’t.

Date: December 31, 1999 11:25 AM
Author: julian vereker
Subject: seals

The seals are rarely the problem. If you want to move the speakers about the room, lightly smear dish-washing liquid on the top of the gasket and the matching underside of the speaker cabinet, the silicone will then simply peal off when you want to move the speaker.

The bottom box will be able to be set in its new position and the spikes adjusted (as short as possible allowing for the carpet), remember to attach the speaker cable, then put the small bead of silicone on the gasket, next put the bass/mid cabinet on pressing down lightly but firmly for at least 30 secs, put the tweeter spacer in place attach the tweeter stand with its bolts and then try - you don’t have to wait for the silicone to set.

The correct set up of the speakers is hugely more important than the precise placement or toe-in.

This is the ONLY way to move the SBLs without seriously compromising their performance. Judging by the comments on the forum, I would suggest that at least 50% of SBL users or tryers are not listening to them at remotely their full potential.

julian (Vereker)

PS Happy New Year.


Would suggest to pulled down your rig and clean all connection. This happen to me last week. Buzzing in one speaker coming and going. Turn out to be and xlr plug going into a 135. Just got a little oxidised. Pull out and pushed in a few times fixed it. Hope thats your problem,

No I think it is the voicecoil.

Have you done the “push the cone evenly” and herd or felt any rubbing?

The old bible

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Thanks… I did move them and plonk them down… although they sound great I suspect they are not hitting their potential, will try the above…

That blue stuff they are taking about would have to be hylomar blue I reckon.

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Yes, it’s Hylomar.

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