Naim Serious about upgrading?

I have a HiCap2 and out of interest decided to look at how much it would cost to upgrade to DR. It’s now a requirement that you have the unit serviced at the same time and the total cost to upgrade is £999. A new DR costs about £1400 I think and any used HiCap2 has got to be worth £400 minimum. Resale value of an upgraded HiCap2 will not be the same as an original HiCapDR I wouldn’t imagine. To me it makes absolutely no sense to use Naim’s upgrade service at these prices. Seems to me that Naim don’t really want to upgrade their boxes at all and would rather price the upgrades to encourage you to buy a now box instead. You could buy a damned good virtually new DR for a lot less than the price of the upgrade and guess what…you get to keep the original HiCap too, or sell it on. Is there a big difference in the SQ of a DR’d HiCAP over a non-DR’d HiCap. I suspect it’s a law of diminishing returns for your £1000 outlay though. For that money I’d like to hear a clear and obvious improvement. At least with my option if you didn’t think the improvement was that significant you could sell the HiCAP DR with little or no financial hit or sell the HiCAP for a cheap upgrade to a DR. Does anyone else think the upgrade options pricing is just unrealistic. I suggest they need a re-think and that could start from opinions expressed on this forum.


I agree - £999 for service and DR upgrade for a Hicap2 seems excessive when you can buy a new one for £1400.

Is that how much you were quoted by your dealer?


No. That’s the official price list from Naim. Suspect the dealers can’t deviate from that. The law says they should be able to but suspect there are ways to keep dealers onside.

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where did you find the Naim service price list ?

add to this, its been around for about 30 years or something, its plain profiteering, IMO of course

Playing devils advocate at the other end of the scale if you have 552/500 it does make sense to have them serviced and DR’d vs buying new…
IMHO I think its great NAIM service and keep stuff going back to the old CB/olive alive and look after its customers this way.
As I say just my opinion.

@hungryhalibut can advise you a cheaper place to service and DR.

I would be interested too.

On the other side of the fence, practically all the internals are being replaced…

I am sure he will respond…

I went to HH activity profile. He mentioned recently Daran, class A , in Sheffield. They do full recap , cheaper and quicker. I guess they do DR too.

OTOH for £999 you effectively get a new Hicap DR…

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Darran at Class A in Sheffield serviced my power amp a couple of years ago.

great value and it was better than new afterwards, because it had new capacitors and other parts, and an overall service - and the new caps were even better Naim approved caps than those used to build it originally

Darren is one of 2 or 3 Naim authorised service departments

he uses parts provided by Naim and gives you suitable paperwork showing what he’s done

if you look at his site, you can check whether he can DR items (but I have the feeling DR-ing is only done at the factory?)

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My understanding is that DR upgrade work is Naim factory only. As I remember the description, when a Hicap is DRed and serviced, pretty much everyth8ng apart from the case and transformer is changed, so in effect as Svetty says you get a new Hicap.


This is true, but as mentioned earlier, a better option would be to sell the Hicap2 and buy a new HicapDR which will have a higher residual value and also a five year warranty.

The current pricing makes having the Hicap DR’d and serviced rather pointless.

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Darran at Class A is indeed an authorised servicer of Naim kit. However, it’s worth noting that DR upgrades can only be undertaken at the Naim factory.

As for whether to service and upgrade existing kit to DR spec or trade in for new, I guess it’s nice to have a choice.

I do find it surprising that Class A are not permitted to do the DR upgrades.

I bought a used XPS DR which had been upgraded in Italy so it is clear that Naim do send out kits and allow authorised agents to do this work. I had this verified by Naim and it was kosher. I would think that Class A are up there with the best in terms of capability.

It’s really not an issue worth getting excited about. Upgrade or buy one that’s already DR, new or used. Naim have made a decision and that’s that really. As Richard says, DR upgrades can only be done at the Factory. Darran at Class A is great for straight servicing.

Agreed Darran’s work is first rate. :blush:

Sell your Hicap2 for £400-450. Buy a used 2year old Hicap DR for £800-850. Job done.