Naim service and confidence to buy new

I have this year had both my nap v145 and unitilite in for servicing at Naim HQ.

The experience advice and support from my local dealer played no small part in my decision to buy a new sn3 and nd5xs3.

So a big shout out to good dealers and Naim’s service techs and customer care​:+1::blush::sunglasses:


I would also add my appreciation of Naim service, my NDX went in for a new OLED screen, some other electronics replaced and unit firmware updated. Only away a couple of weeks, so very impressed.

I’ve also contacted Naim customer support on a couple of occasions recently, swift and comprehensive reply’s each time.

So yes, great experience and support from Naim and my local (ish) dealer.

Thank you Naim :+1:

Oh yes, bought some new items :grinning:


Thanks to you both for the words of appreciation - we do aim to please!




XS3 bought new almost a year ago now, very happy with it!

And UnitiQute just back from a comprehensive service, and sounding better than ever!

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