Naim service specification?

I just got some of my Naim gear back from service.

Shouldn’t there be a specification of the service performed and parts changed?

I couldn’t find anything of that sort in any of the boxes.

Darren from class a sends it via email what he’s done and the parts replaced if that helps

Thanks Darren but I got it serviced by Naim.

Yes, AFAIK with your invoice from Naim you should have a parts and labour list. Did it come to you directly or via your dealer?

Hi Richard, I picked it up at my dealer. I asked them if they had received a parts and labour list but they hadn’t… so I hoped it would be in one of the boxes.

When I had my 250.2 and Hi-Cap serviced and DR’d - by Naim - I also had no paperwork detailing the work. I really ought to request it in case I decide to sell it on at some point…

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I agree. That was my point as well.

I’m sure if you ask your dealer they can get the info for you from Naim.

Thanks Richard. I will do.

Have you checked the outside of the boxes - I think my service sheets were in plastic sleeves on the outside of the boxes.

Sorted. I received the paper work from my dealer yesterday!

A bit cheeky, I have a 2002 CDX2, still giving great service and sounding equally good - does that need a service?

I believe that Naim’s service recommendation for CD players is to leave well alone unless they are faulty. The reason being that CD player mechanisms don’t particularly like the rigours of being shipped, especially when they’re older, so there’s no point subjecting them to shipping unless unless absolutely necessary.

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Thanks, always been a great believer in if it ain’t broke , don’t fix it.

It sounds very good still

If I had a Naim CD player requiring service I would put it in my car and drive it to Class A in Sheffield rather than entrust it to a courier.


And I think that is the answer.
“If it ain’t broke…” works so long as the items’ failure is not important to you, or you can predict its failure.
The Naim approach to CD service is one of “ balance of risk”. The service benefit vs failure of the cd mech through transport.
So, the right answer must be yes, it would benefit from a service, so please deliver it to Salisbury or Sheffield. Or live with a potentially degrading sound.

Just to note: With the current Covid situation I don’t think personal drop off or collection from the factory is possible.

If I take the example of my own CD3, it’s now around 25 years old yet still performs wonderfully. While a service of the electronics may possibly improve that, performance has not declined to any point where I’m disappointed with the player, or feel anything is lacking. So, right now I’m not inclined to get it serviced.

That’s nice if you are in the UK. In Germany you can drive it to the distributor in Hamburg, thus eliminating courier from where you live, but they’ll have to ship it to Naim anyway. Although this last leg will be shipped on a pallet from Hamburg together with other boxes, which is a bit safer, I heard about apparently a whole pallet getting stolen en-route not too long ago. Which is not a total catastrophe for a current unit that you get replaced by shipping insurance, but it is for a rather rare CDS3 in mint condition like mine.

Naim support told me that they totally recommend servicing for my 13 year old CDS3, and confirmed even after I mentioned shipping risks, but my dealer and the distributor disagree and share Richard’s opinion, recommending to eliminate shipping risks unless it is really broken. I followed this recommendation and only got the XPS2 serviced.

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