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Anyone know how long it takes for faulty equipment to be fixed by naim, I am still waiting for my nap 300dr to come back for faulty power button it’s over 2 weeks now.?

If its warranty work they are usually quick. My 282 was there and back in under a week.
When I sent my 282 I only took it to the dealer when naim were ready for it, which was why it was not away from me for long.
Someone will be along in a minute telling you to point this question at your dealer.

I think it’s slower currently because of the Covid backlog and availability of parts, but the last service I had done (six months ago) took about two months, most of which was in the queue in Salisbury.

Exactly. Best thing would be to get your dealer to ask Naim for an estimated date.



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After waiting patiently for eight weeks for the ‘wonky’ screen on my NDX 2 to be replaced, I appealed to ,my dealer for assistance and the unit was back in my hands ten days later. Moral of this story is to engage the dealer and let them earn their margin :wink:

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Yes it is warranty work it is only 2 years old.

Your dealer should have left it with you until naim were ready for it. Unless 8f it was not working at all. Mine was a " cosmetic" issue that did not affect its function.

Get your dealer to enquire after it and chase it up if it’s taking too long. IIRC, before Covid struck, a 2 week turnaround was Naim’s usual aim. Of course you need to add shipping time fore and aft, and at certain times the service dept. can be busier than normal. As ever your dealer is your best point of call.

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Could you tell me exactly what was wrong with your ‘wonky’ screen ?

This was an issue with the earlier productions runs of NDX 2 ( and ND555 ) units where the screen was a fraction of millimeter out of alignment. This allowed a bright shaft of light to spill out through the teeny gap between the edge of the screen and the cutout in the case. It sounds pathetically minor, but it really ruined the entire experience of viewing the screen

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I’ve had the NDX2 for a couple of months now and i can’t say i’ve noticed anything like that. Hopefully they resolved that problem.

I am in dublin so might take a little longer but the repair should be mlnor I just have no music just a radio for now.

Still no news for my 300 yet 3 weeks now hopefully next week. :thinking:

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