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Hi. Does anyone here know if Naim service are open. I opened a query online with them on dec 6 relating to my cdx2. I got a ticket number but since then nothing, despite 3 emails to chase up. Thanks

They are. Your best bet is to phone them and ask. Or get your dealer to do it.



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David. Thanks.

It’s a strange one really. I contacted my dealer who told me that there was no servicing due to lack of parts. I rang round some other service centres to get some help. A naim accredited technician told me that naim can still service the cdx2. So I contacted naim and so far no reply after > 2 months. I’ve been going round in circles.
It’s a slight problem really. Occasionally I get a cd and the cdx2 doesn’t read the first few tracks properly and jumps around. Once into the cd all works fine. The cds concerned work fine on other players. Something must need adjusting somewhere. Ps. I’ve already plumped up the rubbers on the puck.

Paging @NeilS servicing query for cdx2

Hi Jonty,

Yes, we are open. I can’t however, offer you an explanation for the unacceptable radio silence. I too would suggest phoning Tech Support, ask for Mark Bonner who can look into this for you.

It is true that in the current climate we have been experiencing delays with certain parts - Mark should also be able to advise you regarding this, should you wish to proceed with a repair.



Hi. Thanks for your advice. I’m grateful. Cheers. J

Hi. Have just done as you suggested. All sorted. Thank you so much. J


And this is one of the reasons we love Naim…


I was told by my dealer this week that there’s an 8 week wait on servicing. I’m sure for Amps Class A could turn things around much quicker but I think only Naim can do CD players and my NDX screen.

There maybe delay on Digital items as well–the AKM factory that burnt down in Japan
supplied the IC components to Naim.


Focal-naim support is very responsive in my experience, I emailed them on late Friday afternoon (I’m in CA) and got RMA label this afternoon. I’m sending the CDX2 I bought from ebay for 2.2 upgrade/new mech.

My 252 recap/SC DR upgrade were just pushed out another 4 weeks because of a parts shortage. Placed the order in December, now looking at end of April. This is in the USA, so I guess there’s an extra step involved.

My 135 amps returned within 1 week from Chris Murphy in New Zealand. Sounding awesomely awesome to a point. Needs time but the bottom end is mad and the balance between my sl2 speakers is spot on. It’s a prat beast. Just stupid good :notes:

Now it’s the end of May…


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