Naim SNAXO re-configuration

can someone answer a question concerning repairs at salisbury, I need my snaxo 36 reconfigured for kudos speakers, but my existing 3-6 has been rewired in the horizontal plain thus making it similar to a 3-6-2, will naim refuse to adapt this piece of equipment because of the rewiring ? I have attempted to ask this question to naim but no response…

A bigger question is whether Naim can actually re-configure your SNAXO 3-6 for Kudos speakers. I think there was some prototype work done for Kudos but that was it and that was done on the later SNAXO 362. I think really this is a question only Naim can answer.

Note that they are currently on break and will return on the 4th January. I’d guess they’ll have a bit of a backlog on the support queries so you may have to wait a few days before getting any response.

p.s. I’ve edited your thread title as it’s not really a repair.

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