Naim so left behind😀

Just been on a certain High Street store website. I never realised that Bose make audio sunglasses, Wi-Fi apparently etc.

Come on name get it sorted!

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Finally… My wish has come true :raised_hands:

Not !

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Don’t get it. WiFi suggests to me in your house, so unless you are in a famous Rock Band, why would you be wearing sunglasses inside?

They are Bluetooth not wifi, sending the signal from your phone to little speakers on the arms. Just perfect for really pissing off those standing next to you.


Especially if you then play “Don’t stand so close to me”. Or maybe that is exactly what you need for social distancing.


Likely to send you bonkers.

Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.


Queue the great Jeff Goldblum:


Oakley used to make these but with attached earbuds.

Naively I assumed these would be the same. Speakers sounds very stupid.

Lots of people with a wide variety of visual impairments do exactly that. Varies with personal preference.


Great to see a bit of snobbery alive and well.

They aren’t the worst idea in the world. They fire a very norrow audio beam into your ear. It’s not really audible to others out and about. For many, in-ear is very undesireable and over ear too clunky feeling for being outside.

But sure, it may not be a long lived product. And besides, always fun to show how discerning one’s taste is by pooing on Bose. That well never runs dry.

I’d rather have them than Apple Air Pods.


Naim could release olive sunglasses incorporating chrome nose-holder


Not feasible. Where would you mount the racks and racks of black boxes and power supplies??


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On top of your head ?

For da yoof init

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Great to see a bit of patronisation alive and well :slightly_smiling_face:

Bose - over priced trash, just an opinion!!

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Their noise cancelling headphones are still among the best.


A novelty idea perhaps, but not extorionate and probably a bit of fun.

Daughter #2 wanted a pair pf noise cancelling cans for use on her daily train/tube commute in London Town. We looked at a lot, tried a lot in the local emporiums (courtesy, naturally, of “Dad’s Taxi Service”), and she settled on the Bose. She did acknowledge that for absolute SQ there were other contenders, B&W for example, but overall she felt that the Bose were the best compromise…she sold her Mum on them as well, so Mum now has a pair.