Naim Solstice SE on the way!

It’s shipping to me today! Excited.

Blatant plug for my dealer who’s making this happen - one of the first three ones in the US if I’m not mistaken!

@Bart - you’re closer to Tyler than I am - so you’ll probably get yours before me…
@varyat - was it you who picked one up yesterday from our mutual friend?


Look forward to yuor thoughts.

What is/was your last TT?

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A Rega RP3 => RP8 => RP6 - which is pretty much unused since the ND555 was way better in all respects. I think I bought a new cartridge for it18 months ago - and it took be a good 8 months to get around to installing it. Looking forward to the plug and play nature of the Naim Solstice - really don’t have time to faff around - or spend an inordinate amount of time getting the setup just right.

I have only heard the ND555 once, but it had the properties that I listen for in ‘digital done right’.

The different strengths and trade offs should be interesting.

So much looking forward hearing your thoughts… it will be impressive - that’s for sure :slight_smile:


Mango- nope wasn’t me…I am away on vacation and will not be able to get my hands on it until next week. So that means there was another “local” near me that has one…

Got mine yesterday, about 2hrs after the courier delivered it to my dealer! Focal-Naim North America has definitely distributed the North American allotment of the SSE to the dealers very efficiently. Enjoy your new SSE!

@ Geofiz- are you located in the Chicago area?

No, across the border in Toronto, Canada

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