Naim Solstice Target martket

Naim Solstice Target market: Older empty nesters, or families with no kids?

Probably just well heeled music lovers.


Patient people.


I thought you bought one ? What market segment do you represent ?


People who can’t spell?


I don’t understand the question ? Why Solstice specially ? Generally the persons who buy a 50k and more system have around 50 years old. They have no kids but teenagers or adults kids.

It is for wealthy druids primarily.


One up for sale in the USA …unopened boxes. Unfortunately, the seller has not received it yet !

Reminds me of the old joke. Man walks into the butcher shop. “How much is your ground beef?” “$3.29 a pound.” “$3.29 a pound??? The butcher down the street sells it for $2.89 a pound,” he says. The butcher says, “Well then, go buy it down the street.” The man replies, “I can’t. He’s all out.”


or he’s trying to scalp it. :slight_smile: It’s an auction, and the starting price (with reserve not met) is the list price.
Unless prices went up…

Yeah - the way it’s built, apparently not the target market.

They couldn’t design it with a dust cover like the Rega RP1/RP3/RP6/RP8?
I’ve got two young kids - Even Fraim was pushing it - and no mishap yet - but this is a disaster waiting to happen…

I know its 20K - but there’s money in tech - and most people in that industry are young - and don’t even have kids yet - and are more likely to be able to afford this than 50 year olds + empty nesters.

whether Naim caters to them, or a dying generation with this TT is - strange choice…

Oh, I didn’t notice it’s an auction.

In the U.S. Naim warranty doesn’t transfer, so technically whoever buys it from him has no warranty. It’s also an Audiogon seller with zero history.

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Extremely patient Solstice buyer here. Currently have an LP12, Aro, Armageddon, Lyra Kleos SL, SL/SC-DR.

I’m buying for several reasons:

  1. I’m interesting in trying something new. Had the LP12 for 20+ years, I’m keen to explore.
  2. I want to play my 45’s without the Rube Goldberg machinations.
  3. Roy and Steve designed it… it’s got to sound good!
  4. Service free experience. Good LP12 techs in the USA are tough to come by.

My concerns:

  1. My current LP12 sounds amazing. It’s old-school, Cirkus bearing. It boogies, it sounds BIG.
  2. I love my Lyra Kelos SL. Will the Equinox match up?
  3. I’m assuming my Superline/Supercap DR is superior to the Solstice Phono. But, we’ll see.

Same guy continues down the street to another butcher. Sees a beautiful cut of filet mignon on the counter. Sniffs it, closes his eyes in rapture, and holds up a $5 bill.
“Give me $5 of that!” he says.
Butcher grabs the $5. “You just had it!”


With young children I can understand your wish for a cover. As @Naim.Marketing posted a while back, Clearaudio offer a range of covers, one of which may well suit.

Otherwise you could do something like I did with my Rega on Fraim; I bought a Project Cover it RPM5/9 cover which fits perfectly around the Fraim glass and sits on the Fraim wood, thus enclosing everything. I would suggest putting some Fraim protectors on the glass though just to be a bit safer with children.

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With only 500 it’s not a very big target market.

The Solstice is probably not the best turntable for people who are employed as live-in cat staff.


Exactly - it is more like a collector’s item…

I would imagine the market is open to either current Turn table owners or potenical TT owners but would advise to hurry and get a demo

having heard the Solstice I would certainly include the deck if I was in the market for a 16K TT -

and my thoughts were it’s good, very good and delivers at the price point musically, of course there are other TT to lisen to to make an informed choice and does sit very nicely on FRAIM - the x 2 phono and PSU need to be placed on another shelf

If they sell them all it’s £8 million. For a company with an annual turnover of c. £34 million, that’s quite a chunk, at least to this non business brain.

I suspect there are enough “well heeled music lovers” out there, regardless of socio economic background, to sell the first run - though I’m not sure if that was ever the plan in year 1 given production rates :wink: