Naim Speaker Cable (Witch Hat Phantom vs Mark Grant 6mm)

Hello ,

I am listening with a nac82/ nap 180/hi-cap combination.

I’m feel it hard to get some bass and richness in this system.

I have a pair of Mark Grant cables loaned to me by my acquaintance recently.

I switched from my old Beldens to the Mark Grant cables and it seems to have gotten me a little closer to the sound I want.

when I look at the forums here, I see advice against the Mark Grant cable and others such as the Witchhat and Chord.

Has anyone compared the Mark Grant with WH’s Phantom ?

Hello and welcome.

I think those picking up the question will also want to know source/music type/speakers and room set up/furnishings etc in order to give sound advice.

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To get the bass and richness, swap the 180 for an olive 250. No cable can give you what swapping to a 250 will achieve.



My thoughts weren’t too far off from yours, thanks for the advice !! :slight_smile:

I have Van Damme and Phantom in two different setups.
I believe VD are close to Mark Grant performance.
Its a good cable priced fair.
WH Phantom is definitely more revealing and more expensive, no longer available as WH ceased trading.

Another point your not describing your source, don’t underestimate signal quality, source first.

Isn’t it VD mark use with “his” cables?

I once had MG and Phantom and thought Phantom was bit better.

Yes it is. I have the 6mm in my system, second pair I’ve had having moved the room around, and really pleased with them.

They are a good price, and with me needing 7m lengths it’s a big step up in cost for something like the KS-1.

This could be driven by source or room or both. Tonal balance in general is often best addressed by moving speakers a bit, putting down a rug and that sort of thing.

I am open to comments from users, but I am not under the impression that Mark Grant cables are particularly bass-light.

If this issue is driven by kit, but not by the source being a bit thin, then I’d support @HungryHalibut’s suggestion. For more grip and more muscle when required on bass, a second-hand 250 (preferably serviced in the last decade or so) could be just the thing.

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I’d echo that. One of the first things I noticed when putting in the Mark Grant cables was an improvement in bass and control, so I’d say definitely not bass-light.

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Which Hat had ceased activity. So you can only have pre loved.

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If you’re using a digital source then look at an Ndac - Naim Dac, that will give you the bass you’re looking for.

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