Naim speaker plugs and warranty

Apologies, I am certain similar topic must have been discussed to death already but really appreciate it for peace of mind.

There is warning on the unit against not using the supplied loudspeaker plugs. Does this void warranty? What are the benefits of using the supplied plugs? Because they use the same materials as the posts themselves? To avoid shorting out the terminals? They can get shorted out at the speaker end or if the soldering comes off. There are such as neotech plugs with retractable sleeves anyway. Why doesn’t Naim go with such as WBT binding posts such that spade plugs can be used as well? I don’t mean WBT specifically, but just as a reference. Would certainly make such as connecting REL subs easier.

Again, does using anything other than Naim supplied speaker plugs void warranty? Thanks.

Naim responded to a safety regulation that encouraged manufacturers to avoid connectors that could inadvertently be inserted into a mains electrical socket. The spacing between the pins makes this impossible. They have obviously abandoned this idea with Super Lumina cables.
Apart from that, the pins, while they may not look fancy, are matched to the socket, using the same nickel plating, and they do work very well.
For high level sub connections, Naim generally recommend that you use the speaker input sockets so that the extra cable doesn’t interfere with the inductance and capacitance of the main speaker cables, which affect the performance of Naim power amps.

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Thanks @ChrisSU, I was expecting this answer. @Richard.Dane and yourself gave me this tip before and that’s how I have mine hooked up. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I wonder how many use the NACA5 cable or Super Lumina in their system or otherwise unterminated speaker cables (or remove the plugs) so they can solder the supplied plugs on them.

I bought my Naim Integrated Amp and NAC A5 and he soldered the wires as part of the service. I feel pretty good about having a dealer close by and also has a great reputation for taking care care of his customers.


Totally, where matching can play a big part of the outcome, audition and being able to mix and match at the dealer or at home is important. I am very lucky, there are several dealers within reach who are enthusiasts, whom I can sit down, listen to a good piece and have a great chat. I try my best to do business with them even if they don’t have the absolute best price.

In my limited experience it’s well worth getting the supplied Naim plugs properly soldered. They’re a little tricky to solder well, and unfortunately I’ve even seen Naim dealers make a mess of it.
I suspect this is why some cable suppliers have proprietary crimping systems which are easier to use.

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That puts the mockers on all those people using superlumina below Statement level, even the 500 has that warning. Another reason to stick with NACA5 and save the money. :grin:

So very true @ChrisSU, good solder joint is important. I have been soldering some LiPO batteries connectors of late, getting that wrong or solder joint breaking later can cause a fire. :cold_sweat:

I don’t think that using speaker plugs other than those supplied by Naim will result in a voided warranty, although I guess that may well have been the case with older amps like the early NAITs, NAIT3, NAP90 etc… with speaker sockets soldered directly to the PCB boards - the SA8 connector went some way to relieving undue stress on the sockets from relatively stiff NACA5 cable.

However, use of the supplied plugs is recommended from a performance point of view because they’re a perfect match for the sockets and, in the case of a stiff cable like NACA5, they allow the pins to follow the best route down the socket for best contact.


Thanks heaps @Richard.Dane. I was just curious, especially because neither the socket nor the supplied plugs look really beefy and you know how all of us here want to tinker. :smiley:

Just turn your amplifier off before mucking about with cables, and you’ll never have to worry. I haven’t used the Naim connectors, as the cable I use (NACA5 and Rumor 2) both came used from the dealer pre-terminated with bananas.

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Super Lumina never had the Naim connectors then? I bought my SL ‘pre-loved’ and they have standard bananas. I always wondered about whether I should get Naim ones soldered on.

Super Lumina comes pre-cut and terminated by Naim with their own Naim connectors - either 4mm type or spades:

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Thanks Richard. Yes, that’s indeed what I have - I’d forgotten and thought they were just ornery standard! Oops.
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Sunday morning - need espresso!

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