Naim Stageline N versions

I see there are two versions of the Stageline N.
One has one output, the other two.
What’s the story here please?
Presumably, the Stageline with the extra output is … better?

Naim Stageline:

Where are there 2 versions…?

The Stageline with one output socket is an earlier version.

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The story was that when Naim looked to introduce an entry level power supply to make powering the Stageline and Headline more affordable (this coinciding with the introduction of the stripped for action NAIT 5i), what they came up with was the i-Supply, a linear “lump” supply built for Naim by an outside supplier. Only problem here was while it could supply the necessary DC power, it couldn’t route signal through the supply, so the answer was a minor redesign to the Stageline to enable signal to be taken off the back of the Stageline rather than via the power supply.


Slight thread hijack but… I am currently powering my Stageline S from the powered aux socket of my nac202. If I were to get a hicap to power it instead am I right in thinking I only need purchase a supplementary 4-5 pin din cable?

Also, is there a very noticeable uptick in audio quality that justifies the outlay on a psu?


Yes, you’ll need the SNAIC 5 you’re already using, plus a 4-5 interconnect. A dedicated HICAP would give a definite uplift in performance.

Personally I would find spending 3.5x of the price of a Stageline on a dedicated PSU a bit of a tall order.
That said I do have a HICAP-DR powering my SN1 and Stageline.

@reanimate I have a later ‘N’ version with the two sockets. Currently it is plugged into the Aux+power socket of my NAC282.
I am just about to test a 4-5 interconnect as mentioned here by @Richard.Dane. I’ll be using the spare power output from my old Flatcap2x. I’ll report back after the weekend if you are interested?

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Was BNC input always a special order for these? There seemed some reluctance to deliver one thus equipped a couple of years ago.

Yes, special order. I had my old Stageline K made with BNCs.

Definitely. Thanks

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I had an old chrome bumper flat cap and Richard wasn’t convinced I would get much of an improvement using it over the 202 powered socket so very interested in your experience with a FC2

Thanks, be very interested.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

Any thoughts?

Yes, I’ve just got round to listening this morning.
So to recapitulate, I am testing the spare power output on a FlatCap2x to power a stageline’N’ using an additional 4/5 pin Naim interconnect.
As against using the NAC282 aux2+power for the Stageline.

I am listening with an LP12 fitted with the original 1973 Stanton cartridge it was supplied with.
Option 1: stageline’N’ in to aux2+power of 282/HiCap
Option2: stageline’N’/flatcap2x in to aux2 of 282/HiCap

So firstly, I couldn’t hear any difference at all. So I changed back to using the 282 aux+power.
After swapping back and forth a few times and listening to just one movement from a Handel violin concerto, I decided there is a difference, all be it a small one.
With the stageline/flatcap there seems to be better timing and separation, so a more confident flow to the music. As I say, not much to my ears but discernible.

Hope that is useful.

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So not much in it. Much appreciated, thanks.

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Is there any consensus on the viability of the i-supply for use with the Stageline - Is it a waste of time or how does it compare to, say, a Flatcap or Hi-cap?

It’s fine as far as it goes, but a Flatcap is definitely a step or two up, and it’s no match at all for a Hicap.


Yes, I use an olive HiCap with my Stageline N & it bought a very noticeable improvement.

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