Naim Stageline N with MM Rega Elys 2

Does anyone have experience with low volume output with this combination? I’m roughly 8-10 dB lower than it should be. Compared to other phono pre-amp and CD sources.

You have not accidentally used attenuated cables between phono and pre amp ?

I think it’s normal. I think it’s historical, in the sense that Naim first designed their amplifiers from a time that pre-dated CD players. Richard or someone else will know for certain. It might even be in the FAQs.

No, I’m using the Rega OEM cables from the turntable to the pre-amp, which work fine on other phono preamps.

Please note that I compared the volume level output to an Adcom phono pre amp and the stageline is also 8-10 dB lower in volume.

Standard advice is turn it up a bit more when using a Stageline :slight_smile:

It will certainly be of an appreciably lower level than CD. CD output is anywhere from 2V (Red Book standard) upwards, which has arguably always been a bit too high. Whereas line level (typically the level to which a phono pre-amp aims to amplify the cartridge output) is typically less than half that at 300-800mV.


I’ve always accepted it would be lower than CD. But when I compared it to another phono amplifier it was also significantly lower in volume. 8-10 dB

Just wondering if that is also normal since phono amplifiers are built to RIAA standards?

Different Phono pre-amps have different gains - however they should all provide EQ to either RIAA or IEC standard.

Appreciate that…but not what I asked…
It’s the interconnect between phono and pre I was talking about

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