Naim Stageline N

Hi. Does Anyone know if the Naim Stageline N Works well with Nagaoka MP110/MP150? I am currently using Rega Fono MM mk2. Would Stageline be an improvement? My deck is Rega P3 2016, amp is Naim Nait XS.


Phil, I’ve not heard either Nagaoka with a Stageline N. But if you are finding them a bit bright with the Rega Fono MM stage, then a Stageline N could well be the answer.

The Stageline (which I love) has been described here as having a dark, earthy character with plenty of rhythmic drive.



Hi, they are both moving magnets so should work with the Stageline N which is for MM with an input load of 47kΩ / 470pF

Outputs of carts are 5mV & 4.5mV respectively so looks right to me.

As for the Stageline Vs Rega Fono I can’t say as I dont know the latter, My Stageline N & Adikt cartridge sounds very good powered by an Olive HiCap - A Flatcap should also work well.

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As an alternative you could swap the Nagoaka for a Rega Elys or Exact. That would be a lot cheaper than a Stageline. Perhaps not surprisingly, Rega cartridges and phono stages work rather well together.


I used an MP150 with a Stageline N/HC and worked fine.

If you like the sound of your Naim amp, you’d like the Stageline over a Rega phono.


I have an elderly MP-11 Boron on my “backup” Turntable and it sounds great with the Stageline N

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