Naim Stageline versions

I just noticed that there are several versions of the Stageline. What are the differences among them?

Stageline N - MM cartridge
Stageline S - Low Output MC Cartridge (Supex)
Stageline K - Low Output MC Cartridge (Karma)
Stageline E - Medium Output MC Cartridge (EMT)

The main difference between the S and K is the loading (470 ohms for S, 560 ohms for K) and the HF roll-off, which is steeper and earlier with the S, which can benefit some cartridges with a specific resonant frequency point. Dynavector cartridges, for example, tend to work best with S.

Thanks for the clarification Richard. Would you know which versions would be best suited for Clearaudio and Lyra MCs?

For Lyras you would probably be best with the K, and also probably with a Clearaudio too, but either S or K will probably do fine.

Thanks, Richard.

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