Naim stageline?

Hello there I have a old olive system comprising nap90/nac92 cd3 and LP12 all this has been in my barn stored for many years but all still works well . I am updating the lp12 and have been looking for a phonostage and would like to try a stageline however I believe that I will need at the very least a flatcap I would prefer to keep the system olive so first generation flatcap !
So the question is will an early olive flatcap run a stageline .?
Alternatively I am considering the NAPSC power supply but I am not sure if that will actually run a stageline will it ?.
Or I may consider an alternative phonostage such as the Puresound P10 valve …
Any help much appreciated.

Why not just fit some NA522 MM phono cards in your NAC92? You could then also add a Flatcap to the NAC92 (although you may wish to go for a serviced unit, or budget to get this done). Or, if you had previously run with the LP12, you may well already have some phono cards fitted to your NAC92?


Make a call to the guys at Tom Tom audio in St Albans. They have tons of retro gear and repair, service and generally know most things about getting Naim gear working well. They sell all sorts of older Naim as well as the new stuff.

It won’t.

Hope it works out, whichever path you take.

Ok thanks that’s very clear . Maybe time to look at another phonostage …

Its difficult to beat a set of 552N Naim MM boards, which will drop strait into your 92.

Does your NAC92 currently have phono boards? If so, are you saying you’re looking to upgrade, and so looking at a better separate phono stage?

The Puresound P10 is very good and if its sound appeals it’s hard to beat for the money if you’re running a MM cartridge. It can be tailored and also improved too with different and better valves.

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Yes that’s it my niam kit has been in store for the best part of twenty years + so I am upgrading my LP12 and have the nap90 serviced. I have purchased a linn adikt cartridge so staying mm .
I am keeping the LP12 pre cirkus at the moment it is completely original so fitting a bonded chassis with black bearing Valhalla supply Upgraded and supplied by audio origami . The linn ittock will be retained but fitted with a adikt cartridge . My speakers are Ruark templier mk1 . Do you think the pure sound P10 will be a good match ?.

Taxio, I’ve edited your post - please note that discussion of unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment is not permitted.

If going for an Adikt then the NA522 Phono boards in the NAC92 are a great match and cost a fraction of what an equivalent dedicated phono stage would cost.

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Please consider the internal Naim boards first as others have suggested. Well worth adding a serviced olive FC to your NAC92 too.

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Thankyou for the advice and apologies re the post I didn’t realise !.. well the general opinion seems to be the internal boards to match my cartridge and perhaps a flatcap which I was considering I was actually considering using the flatcap for the cd3 because I believe it can only be used with I source is that correct ? Or would it be better to add it to the 92 ? . I will give the internal phonostage cards a go as that seems to be the overwhelming advice however do they produce a warm valve type sound as the stageline apparently does because that’s what attracted me to the pure sound ?.
Many thanks .

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I was considering that but for the cd3 however I believe a Olive flatcap Can only be used with one source is that correct ? Or is it best adding it to the 92 then I assume it can be used for more than one source ?. I assume my nap90 becomes redundant then ?.

The CD3 can’t be upgraded with a dedicated power supply for the output stage. However the later CD3.5 can. The original Flatcap can only power one device.

That part of the NAP90 that supplies power to the pre does indeed become redundant if you put a FC on the pre. The plus is that your NAP90 becomes dedicated solely to driving your loudspeakers.

Oh ok so by putting the flatcap on the pre it will run all the sources the nap90 does …but provide more power I assume that’s what the flatcap does ? …the nap as you say then just drives the speakers that makes sense .
Many thanks

Not more power exactly, more finesse.

Sorry to sound dim but how do you connect the flatcap to the pre and the nap90 at the same time and does the pre know the flatcap is connected so automatically assigning the Nap90 to just loud speaker duty .? I also assume with the flatcap attached to the pre that it will now work as the Nap did and service the cd3, tuner and the phonostage and not just one device … apologies for the questions but just attemping to understand the process .
Thanks in advance .

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The Flatcap supplies DC voltage via a SNAIC5 to power the NAC92 pre-amp. The SNAIC5 also takes the pre-out signal to the Flatcap. Signal then goes from the Flatcap to the NAP90 via SNAIC4. This last bit is critical as signal must run through the Flatcap to maintain system earthing. It also prevents a situation where both NAP90 and Flatcap are powering the NAC92 at the same time, which can over stress regulators and lead to poor sound and failure. Here’s an illustration from the manual of how it’s connected;

AFAIK the flatcap will lift the performance of all the sources that are plugged into your NAC92. It does this by making the 92/90 a better amplifier.

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AFAIK you are correct… :grinning: