Naim Stageline

Ok… would like to know… Is Stageline a good quality phono stage for my Linn Sondek Valhalla and k18 mm cartridge?
Any help is appreciated

Within the parameters set (Sondek, Valhalla and K18), yes. Absolutely. I’ve never owned the ‘N’ since I am an MC cartridge guy all the way, but I currently have the ‘S’ in a second office system and it is good for those needs.

Not certain if you’re looking at a Stageline solely due to keeping within a budget, but either way it’s a good performing phono and would sit right at home with the Linn. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a SUT (like a Bob’s Devices 1131 or SKY second hand) with it and prepare to be blown away for relatively little cost. Of course, by the time you did that you could’ve gotten a ‘better’ MM phono to begin with, but that takes all kinds of auditioning. Just throwing out options, really. The Stageline is a good phono (not great, IMO) and would fit nicely with your lovely Sondek/Valhalla/K18 combo without a doubt.

Yup, the K18 and Stegeline N should go together very nicely.

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Interested what you’re using at the moment? What is the Stageline replacing?

You might consider how to power up the Stageline,? it doesn’t come with power supply unit.
Some use the AUX2 option or a separate Hicap/Flatcap (making the solution quite expensive)

Wonder if your K18 has a new AT stylus, otherwise it might need ?
Swedish Lejonklou or some Linn phono stages are also nice for a K18.

I had a Stageline for several years powered by the Aux on my 282, a product that punches well above its weight in my experience.




Turntable hasn’t been used for some time going back to when I was running the 90 92 r series
Currently with the Linn:
Napsc Hicapdr Nap250dr Nac282
Cdx2 Neat Sx3i’s on Custom Design stands
Turntable will be on a Sound Organisation stand

I have used a Stageline for years, and find it excellent with my LP12, Ekos, Lingo, Arkiv2, although I drive it with a HiCap. I would certainly thoroughly recommend it.

I’ve been watching SH market in Stageline Ns for a while, their values are consistent, about £50 separates early from late ones. I bought one to free up amp upgrade options, finally deciding on an XS3. The amp is still burning in I suspect, but I have done some listening to my MM vinyl source through both the Stageline and the internal XS3 stage, the latter receives good reviews both in the press and here in this forum. Their presentation is different, but I’m thoroughly enjoying both. I’ll write up more when they’ve both had a fair run.

Not sure if it’s something you’d consider, you could try a used one and sell it on easily enough if it didn’t suit.

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Good advice. Thanks to everyone

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