Naim Standard 5 Pin Interconnect

Hi all,

I am a little confused on the direction of this interconnect cable. I have read differing opinions on the interweb.

I am using it to connect my NDX2 to Supernait 3. Which end does the banded end go?

Thanks in advance.

The band is always at the source end, so the NDX2.

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Thank you HH.

You’re welcome. The NDX2 and Supernait 3 make a great system, as I’ve recently discovered. What speakers do you have, as they are not in your profile?

On the topic of interconnects, I currently have my Rega Aria connected to the SN3 with a Nordost White Lightning RCA. However, lately I’ve been wondering if a RCA to 5 pin DIN would make an audible difference. I know…I should try one and determine that for myself. Do you recommend the Naim RCA to DIN or any other? The Naim one has been back-ordered for several months where I live and I would be willing to try alternatives if worthwhile.

@hungryhalibut The SN3 is connected to Proac D20R with NACA5 which sound I’ve been very happy with…until I heard Kanta 2’s (not this year, not this year, not this year…)

When I had a Rega Fono MC I used the Rega Couple 2. These days it’s much simpler, an Ortofon 2M black directly into the SN3.

There’s plenty of other RCA/DIN5 interconnects on the international market, Chord Co, Witchhat, Flashback, Tellurium Q, Gotham etc.
Most of them are likely cheaper than the very expensive Superlumina from Naim (if that’s what you have on order)

As your source is Rega, the original couple 1 was actually a Klotz ac110, never seen these terminated for DIN5 though.
Both Couple 1 & 2 are very good IME.

Yes it makes a big difference to sound, I changed my QED £120 RCA to RCA interconnect for a cheap £17 RCA to 5 pin din interconnect just to try Wow !! Have now just bought a Chord RCA to 5 Pin Din further Wow !! Do not hesitate change your RCA cables to 2 RCA from DAC to 5 Pin Din on Nait 5i 11, it is not a subtle change in sound, detail, dynamics etc. Best mod ever apart from dedicated mains spur.

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