Naim standard power cable

i have loose the naim standard cable of my naim nait xs.i can use anyother type of this cables ?
Than you vety much

You can, though you’d be wise to get a replacement Naim one, as they are carefully chosen to work well.

I was going to suggest trying a Powerline Lite - but I suspect they’re UK only, and you might not be!

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Thank you for the responses.
I’m I spain. I’ll try via ebay.

@nacho Just to clarify, the Naim Powerline Lite is only made with a UK 3-pin plug by Naim. I wasn’t sure if that was clear.

Which power cable I could use without loose the naim personality?
Thank you

To be honest I think any well made power lead will do just fine.

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I used the powerline lite on my Superuniti and I felt it made quite a big difference. If you’re unsure maybe try and find one used and sell it on if you don’t like it. I doubt very much that you’ll lose money on it.

Anything by NAIM - either the stock cable (which is actually very good) or Naim PowerLine.

He can’t use a Powerline Lite because he lives in Spain. It only comes with a UK-type power plug and that is the only bit that makes it a Powerline Lite rather than a standard equipment plug with a length of standard stock power cable.



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Logically that would be entirely correct but in reality the power cable will change the amp’s performance, sometimes quite radically and often not for the better. Years ago I spent a lot of money swapping out various power leads and by far the best move I made was swapping back in the original. It was amazing how far off the amps optimum performance I’d drifted by adding ostensibly superior after-market cables. The biggest problem is that power cables can easily take 200 hours to start sounding their best so its easy to take a wrong turn along the way unless you know that what you’re swapping in is indeed superior.


He’s not “swapping” it. He’s lost the old one and wants to get it going again!


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:small_blue_diamond:HorsesMcFaddon,…If I have understood it correctly,…only the UK-contact is another on Powerline Lite.
The cable is the same as before.

:black_small_square:Correct me if I am wrong.

If so,.It makes the contact-test on the same cable,…that we are doing in Sweden,extra interesting.


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The stock Naim lead for non UK uses 3x 2.08mm (14awg) cores over 2m lengths. They are manufactured by Well Shin.

Sorry guys. My mistake, Powerline lite is a UK only product.

A Powerline Lite is identical to the old standard UK lead that it replaced, except for the mains plug. The IEC plug and cable are unchanged.

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Hi David,
Yes, I did get that :slightly_smiling_face: You’re saying that any well made replacement will suffice…I’m saying that in my experience that’s not necessarily the case. Best off either 1. Picking up a new original from your local dealership or 2. Buying a replacement that your dealer guarantees is superior to the original, because not all after-market cables are

Just curious. Which power cables are superior to the standard Naim cable?

I have both standard and powerline in my system and have tried some Furutech and Neotech with which I didn´t quite get along. However, that was before room treatment, which i still ongoing. I will try Neotech again since they didn´t interfer with musicality the way Furutech did.

To the OP
I hope it´s ok that I kind of hijacked your topic😊

Naim PowerLine

Best to trust your own ears, that said the Naim Powerline is the first and for many the last choice.

Chord power cables sound way better than Naim and Synergistic Research blow them both away, but at more than twice the price.

Again all personal views, one works for one doesnt work for another, trick is to keep it fun, not get lost in quantifying improvements, if you like it (end of), if you dont (end off).