Naim Star - Altering CD Playback Settings

I just noticed that the playback setting on my Star are set to random and I can’y for the life of me figure out how you change that setting. Any help appreciated.

With ripped CDs you touch the random button to toggle on and off. The brightness of the button changes, slightly.Would guess it’s the same withCD.

Thanks for that. So just to clarify - which random button? On the remote? Sorry for being slow here!


It’s at the bottom left of the now playing screen on the app, on my 272 anyway. The Star is probably the same.

Agree same on Star. Two arrows crossing… not very obvious whether it’s random on or off when touched!

Got it - that is a very poor app design. I looked at the app and it’s not intuitive to touch the small CD icon on the bottom of the screen. I was on the main CD screen. Thanks for everyone’s help!

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