Naim Star..nice sound but

I’m a bit frustrated with the Star

Particularly for playing CDs. The functionality is basic - when you insert, you have to hear track one and only then get options to movce forward. You can’t eject unless in cd mode and then its holding down a button. This means if you want to alternate between vinyl & cd seamlessly, you can’t.

Then using AV passthrough it sometimes loses the connection and has to be cycled off/on to work

Hopefully these things are my incompotence but have to say disappointed with the ability to control it using cd - which when you get there sounds very nice!

You must have a different star to me. I put a cd in and then in the app I can choose which track to play. If it set up to play rather than choose between play and rip.
If you want to change to another input you just press the appropriate one and it changes.
More fiddly with the remote granted.

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Thanks - I’ll have another look at the app - but still you’ve then got to migrate to the screen etc - a physical button would be a lot easier?
My point is you can’t eject a cd whilst using another input

I thought you can , I’ve been listening to internet radio and ejected a cd with the remote. Go to home then cd

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I’ll try again, ta

Yes, you’re right, thanks

You can’t though cue up a track, you press play and then have to skip unless I’m mistaken

I tried again this weekend, my opinion that to use it as a cd player it is clunky and draggy remains.

Its almost like it is just conceived as a ‘riper’ rather than a player where you might play a particular track only

Has anyone - seriously - used a cd transport with it?

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