Naim Statement

A friend of mine is interested in getting it. Just wondering if anyone here know the statistics in terms of approximately how many set of Naim Statement has been produced since day 1 ?


Why does it matter?

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Demand and supply.

Estimated resale value Math just in case one day he doesn’t like it and need to sell it.

In Ocean Eleven, they call it exit strategy. Experienced Naim users do not recklessly throw money away. Loving the Naim experience is one thing. Protection your investment is just as important.

That said, I must say Naim has done a good job indirectly maintaining the resale values of Naim products, which is a very important element for successful audio hardware brands.

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Naim products by and large do hold their value well, partly as the vast majority of what they’ve made over the years can still be serviced. But - with stuff like this and at this price level, one would expect to de-value akin to a luxo-barge car i.e. steep, the moreso if there are various previous owners - which would beg questions of all sorts. In many markets for expensive goods, provenance and the ability to undertake a detailed inspection pre-purchase is paramount.

And just shifting & locating >260kg is a challenge to do once, let alone numerous times.

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I doubt it. Too commercially sensitive.

On a recent thread a member posted that he bought a used Statement for about 1/3 of retail. The price he paid included it being converted by Naim to 110v and shipping from Europe to the United States. If the original owner paid retail, that’s some eye-watering depreciation.


Or commercially embarrassing? Just saying…

I travel more hopefully.

I’d suggest your friend writes to Naim and asks them.

As with any of these things it’s not an investment and should be bought because it’s considered to be worth the money, not because if what its market value might in X years time. I was told at one point how many had been made but that was a few years ago. I believe more preamps have been sold than power amps, but that’s partly offset by the 7.1 system that’s out there somewhere.

Your friend could always buy 17 stainless steel Rolex Daytonas at list price, sell them on at double the money and get a free Statement.


Provided he can find one at list, I’ve been waiting on several Daytona waitlists since 2008.

I think your friend is confused.

You may be able to find out how many Statements were made (which is actually very different to supply), how are you going to estimate the demand? - the “Math” is flawed.


I’m no investor. I bought a Rolex over 20 years ago that became an investment but I only bought it back then because it was something I really wanted. That it’s gone up in value is just a lucky consequence of owning it.

I’ve never bought or seen HiFi as a financial investment, it’s bought because I love to listen to music at decent standard of replay which is where the investment is. That it can be sold at a later date if needs be and still retain decent value is just a nice bonus.

The OPs mate might better buying a Nait 2 if he’s more interested in an ‘exit strategy’.


I like the sound of Exit Strategy. Who is it by and can I get it on vinyl?


I agree. If someone has the wherewithal to drop £170,00 on an unnecessary item like a Statement they are clearly very wealthy and hopefully understand what is and what isn’t an investment.

The Rolex analogy was a joke and I’m quite aware how hard Daytonas are to buy at list.

It would be a sad day when Naim is bought as an investment, though I get the impression from conversations I’ve had that some Statements are bought because they are expensive rather than because the owner is a passionate lover of music.

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HH - agree re the last part.

Judging by the brokers and other top-end dealers, there’s another firmament of buyer out there who may be influenced by reviews and parties highlighting the latest things to hit the market.

I had a friend many years back who was asked for a refundable depo £5k to just get access to a high end re-seller.

At the last Windsor Show with the Statement feeding Focals massive speakers, I asked Jason Gould how many had been sold. This must have been 3/4 years ago, I can’t recall exactly. He said about 40 units mostly overseas.
There seeems to be a perception that the pre-amp is the slighly better part of the package.
I have heard the Statement v the 500 at my local dealer and yes OK, but its not easy to judge over a couple of hours. One of the problems is setting up a system like this in, say a day, is getting it to sound its best quickly. Not easy?
I have never bought Naim for its “investment value”. The fact it retains this is a bonus.


We were told on a factory tour last year the week before lockdown that somewhat over 50 had been sold (can’t remember the exact number). As we were told as a group, I am assuming this was not confidential - hope i’m right.

Well if you freind is worried about losing around £100k on it, if he decides to sell in 6 months, then maybe its not for him.
Look out for a second hand one maybe, as just lately a few have popped up and at massively reduced prices to new

As others have said, number sold tells you nothing whatsoever about likely resale value what they go for when they occasionally come up for sale is the only thing that can do that - and being infrequent that is only relevant at the time, and in the marketplace offered - 5 years later it could be the same, or double, or half…

Your friend clearly needs to hear it first and decide if it really is what she or he wants, rather than worry about not liking it. If that means waiting, and possibly travelling even halfway round the world to do, then surely given the cost of it that is what to do…

Let’s say 100 have been sold - taking the last number on here and doubling it for the hell of it. So that’s the supply sorted.

Demand - well, everyone on here wants one - so that’s the demand sorted.

See how much further on we are? :smile: