Naim streamer/DAC or non Naim DAC (Spring 3) with Supernait 3

I heard that DIN cable gives better sound quality than RCA.
I have a Focal SOPRA 2 run by Supernait 3.
I am planing to to get a streamer so I can play from streaming and also my local collections including DSD (.dsf)
I am planning two options:

  1. get ND5 XS2, connect to Supernait 3 with DIN Cable. In this case it will use DAC in the ND5 XS2.

  2. get Holo Audio Spring 3 (preferably L1 so can save some money, but if sound quality doesn’t match with Supernait 3 and Sopra 2 then I can go for Spring 3 L2 or KTE) and use good quality RCA Cable (Audio Sensibility) and USB (Audio Sensibility) to connect temporarily from my Macbook Pro to Spring 3 with USB. Later I can buy Aurender N100 for the streaming.

In option (1) I can use DIN Cable and in option (2) I have to use RCA.

Can anyone suggest which option will give me better sound quality?


My gut feeling is that the Holo with a decent transport would perform better than the ND5XS2, but I heard one only briefly. Personal taste also differs, so you really need to listen for yourself.
I wouldn’t worry too much about cables. Where possible always use DIN with Naim, and you could use an RCA to DIN if you get the Holo.

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