Naim streamer unbalanced connection

Hello all,
Finally decided to liquidate the main system. Before doing so, was curious if the ND5XS2 would function, somewhat correctly, using unbalanced RCA-type interconnects on non-Naim amplification. Have clearly understood that Naim attempts to explain the secret superiority of DIN connections which is contrary to probably 99.5% of the worldwide home HIFi market if you consider balanced and unbalanced interconnectons. I’m not necessarily unhappy with the Naim streamer’s functionality with Roon as it is convenient and it seems stable after having it running just over a month now. In your experience, do Naim streamers sound even worse using non-DIN connections to amplifier? Thanks.

Very happy with my Uniti 1 playing into Violectric V281 headphone amp using unbalanced RCA.
Eagerly awaiting my ND5 XS2 to replace the Uniti 1, again will be RCA.

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The ND5 XS 2 will work just fine in other systems with unbalanced (RCA) connections. Generally it is found that, in Naim systems, DIN connection is best. However the RCA connectors are provided for a reason, and that is to connect to non-Naim rigs. There may have been a time, many moons ago, when Naim sources really only shone in Naim systems, but those days have long since passed. An ND5 XS 2 would have a lot to offer in terms of both function and sound in many non-Naim systems.


Great, thanks. Will test of course once I feel like swapping amps around.

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