Naim streamers will not play playlists with http and https URLs

Streamers will normally play m3u playlists from AssetUPnP R7.4 etc. of music files referenced on a “NAS”.
Playlists of external URLs using http and https URLs are also a valid m3u format and widely used.
These play on other systems such as Denon and Linn (including mp3, aac, flac and flac hi-res formats) but not on a Naim MuSo Gen 1.

They actually play for about two seconds on the MuSo then stop. This would appear to be a bug.
I have not able to test them on other Naim streamers.

An example m3u file of external radio stations using both http and https URLs and the various formats is:-

#PLAYLIST:Internet Radio: JAZZ Music

#EXTINF:0,The Jazz Groove Mix #1 (San Francisco, USA)

#EXTINF:0,Jazz 24/7 (WGBH) (Boston, USA)

#EXTINF:0,Naim Jazz (UK) (flac)

#EXTINF:0,SuperStereo 7 Jazz (Chile) (flac hi-res)

#EXTINF:0,Jazzed Radio (UK)

@Will Any ideas or comments on this issue?

Hi @Paul_C,

Thanks for the detailed query. While the above playlist file is compatible with our current streaming platform, we are unable to support external links within playlist files on Mu-so 1. This is due how inputs are classified as strictly separate, so internet radio from .m3u via UPnP or USB input is not supported.

As an alternative, assuming the stations can be found via the iRadio input, I would suggest saving the stations as presets so that they can be easily accessed from the app home screen.

I hope this is of help,

Thanks for your prompt response.

The option works on other Naim and non-Naim devices and I hoped it would provide a facility for my colleague. It would of course have enabled flac and hi-res radio stations on his Mu-So Gen 1 which does not otherwise support them. Kurt’s solution is too complex for him.
It was a good try. Thanks for your help and clarification.

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