Naim streaming flac radio and Spotify drop outs

Really enjoying Naim radio streaming but wanted to bring the attention of a radio station I have been listening to in the last year from Canada which plays the most amazing music with no talking night and day. If your a certain age and have been enjoying radio paradise but it’s not quite what you want all the time or a bit samey then try JB Radio 2 flac the sound quality is out of this world too! But if you go to the web site you can get a run down off what’s been playing. All I can say is I spend all my time running to Spotify to look up the album or the artist to get more info and this has been a revelation for new music! Going back through all decades stuff I thought I should have heard but missed. And to me this is what this is all about isn’t it? Give it a go and see what you think! On a side note anyone finding the dropouts from Spotify a pain? Not sure what it is but everything else works fine. Cheers

As you have a 2nd gen. Naim streamer you might want to try the losless stream from JB Radio for best sound quality.

You’re right I have both I was on the wrong stream! I must delete the other one. Thanks for reminding me! Have you tried the station as yet?