Naim stuff

This may have been asked before so forgive me if it has, does Naim sell T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, etc.?

They did a trial at the Bristol show and sold some merchandise, all gone quite since, but we have had the Covid 19 pandemic to mess things up.

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The last Naim tee shirt

No idea if Lewis/Angela will keep this going!
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It would be nice if this would continue after things get back to normal. I know it is a very very minor issue. With everything considered I think Naim is doing a good job all around during this virus.

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I never really get the desire to wear items of clothes that are basically advertising for a company and that you paid for the privilege to be an advert. If they paid me enough to wear it I might, as this is unlikely I will remain unbranded.


Guess you are in a minority. :joy:
People tend to follow the romantic connection with brands they love.
And brands tend to squeeze the cow … for money.

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Naim T shirt? Will it go with my Ferrari key ring, Porsche hat and Aston Martin luggage? Does it come in a Harrods bag?


He stands not alone!

I said minority, sir.

It is also not my preference to choose material with brands, but occasionally there is interesting material.


I find it aesthetically attractive an all black T-shirt with the Norton motorcycle logo. Or the sleeve design of unknown pleasures by division of joy.

I’ve got several T-Shirts which came with guitars and guitar amps. These include a Blackstar one with a picture of a chest x-ray of a pacemaker, and a PRS Mark Tremonti long-sleeved one. I wear them often, as well as my collection of AC/DC T-shirts (all gifts from my kids!).

SWMBO often makes me change out of one of them if I’m going to be accompanying her!


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Like the people who wear other people’s work uniforms. AKA football shirts.

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There are very few brands that I like to wear their logo on shirts or hats. But there are some. I started this to find out if I had that option with Naim. I for one, love the Naim products and would be happy to wear their apparel. If you disagree then that’s your right to not buy/wear it. I find it makes excellent gifts for kids to buy on Father’s Day, Birthdays, and Christmas that are personal and not cost a fortune.

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Personally I would feel myself ridiculous wearing that…
Each tastes…

Wouldn’t be my choice either.

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Time was that dealers in the UK would give you a Naim mug for free.

It would be a nice touch to get a complimentary (or should that be ‘complementary’) branded mug each time you register a bit of kit (perhaps not the Mu-Sos). I would think this would be far more powerful & effective from a marketing message perspective than selling what are quite expensive T-shirts and alike on a limited basis at hi-fi shows.


It needs two knobs and would be a nice present to your wife / gf.

I would more like to buy a Naim poster, to put after under a glass on the wall. Don’t know if it’s possible to buy somewhere.

Like here:


If you look carefully you’ll notice Mike is wearing something that can be bought online.
Search “nac 552 tshirt”