Naim stuff

Quite. I’d never wear anything with the Naim logo or advertising. I once had a Linn sweatshirt back in the 80s. They sent it as a gift when I registered my Kans. My then girlfriend - she’s now my wife - wore it once when working behind the University bar - she was cold - and got blokes discussing hifi with her. She only wore it once.


They gave me a Naim polo shirt on a factory visit a few years ago, several members here were on the same visit. I rarely find occasion to wear it, it looks too much like a staff uniform.

I have Moto Guzzi club GB and Indian motorcycle T shirts, I normally wear the wrong one for the bike I’m riding.

I’m sorry, I diddn’t catch your Naim?

That’s the one. There’s no text because it’s a photograph (Ilford Galerie) rather then the print used in the adverts. Purchased from Naim by my missus as a present.

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Top notch present there, she’s a keeper for sure, :cat2:

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You perhaps share one of my pet hates - wearing a band T-shirt to a gig by the same band. Different band - fine !

Not sure I’ve got any band T shirts left. I did wear a T shirt from a stand at the the Bayreuth festival to a lot of rock and folk gigs but I’ve lost track of that now. My wife seems to think just because there’s a hole or two…

I had a calendar with that picture on it among others. It was given to me by the dealer when I purchased my first Naim amp 38 years ago. Unfortunately I have lost it :weary:

That’s unfortunate :scream:
I always loved that advert after seeing it on the dealer’s wall in the 1980s.

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