Naim super nait 1

Good afternoon, everyone. I have naim supernait 1. When I turn it on in the speaker system, the sound background appears. If you fascinate for volume, the background sound will fascinate. Please help. How to solve this problem?



I’m not sure how you’re using ‘fascinate’ - can you explain, please?

I think I understand, obviously English is not your language, so what is your language.

I think you’re saying … when you turn on the amp with speakers connected there is a background sound. When the volume is increased the background sound also increases.

If thats what is happening, then something is wrong, there should not be any background noise.
What source input is connected ? what is it and is it working OK even with the background sound
Have you tried removing & refitting the inter-connecting cable? have you tried another cable.
What happens to the backgound sound when the Mute button is activated. ?


I think you mean “turn up the volume”. The background noise increases as you turn up the volume.

What kind of „sound“ noice is it? Pls describe?

e.g. Low/high frequency etc.

Good afternoon. That’s right. Sound noise 50 gz.

Sounds like a ground loop hum. What are you using as a source?

I have a teac nt 505 source. But an amplifier without a source has such a background. I have tried different sources. The background does not change. Even hicap didn’t help.

The hum is through the speakers or just from the transformer inside the Supernait?

This background goes only in the speaker system.

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