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I am currently powering my Superline from the 552 and I am thinking about a Supercap. On the Naim connections I see there there is a dust cap fitted- is this required?
It also seems to react to static pops when removing an LP from the player or turning the record player power supply on- is this normal for a Super line? I have a Stageline in a second system and never had this. Any suggestions to stop this
Last question- I would like to experiment with different loads. Is is possible to buy an empty plug for me to solder resistors to it?

Thanks in advance

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I would say the cap is more there to stop people trying to plug into it using the standard 5 pin din, as the pins are differently spaced etc.
I had a superline and rega turntable and the rega power supply was the main culprit, it couldn’t touch anything

Make sure the mains cable is not touching anything, also the din cable is free and not touching anything, as this can cause poping, also the cable from the turntable is free and nothing touching it

As for loading plugs, then i would just use an old one, that i dont need and change the resistor in it

I have had problems with very loud pops when removing albums fro my deck via the Superline. This was exacerbated by the fact that the tail of my Ortofon Cadenza Bronze was dragging on the record surface, Henley Audio have subsequently replaced the cartridge under warranty. The cure is to wet clean the affected vinyl.

The static pop issue may be down to the interaction between your deck and the Superline. I’ve never had such issues with my own Superline and decks but I do recall using some at the factory that did and it was fixed by changing to a different deck…

If you wanted to do your own load plugs then you could just buy some Prehkeytec DIN plugs and some resistors. Better though are the Z foil Airplugs that you can special order according to load via your Naim dealer - they do cost quite a lot more though!

I’ve got a Urika at the moment, and have been wondering about moving even deeper into the Naim world by swapping this out for a SuperLine.

Any views on what I might hear?

Obviously I’d keep the Radikal (have to) and I do wonder if driving a Superline from the 552 Aux2 is the way to go rather than the expense of a SuperCap - anybody have a view on the marginality of the benefits of the SuperCap? …or is it might and day?

I’ve been wondering about getting an Aro - lots of nods and winks on here about an Aro 2 coming? …is that just an in joke, or is it generally viewed as being something in the (secret) pipeline?

I would put the chance of Aro 2 as maybe just higher than the Second Coming.

Superline off Supercap I found to be very much superior to Superline off 252 Aux2, which was itself no slouch.


There are people in Texas expecting that any day now… :joy: …But I get the point!

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Hi Matt, I’ve powered my Superline from the 552 Aux2, then from a Hicap DR and finally from a SCDR. I found the Hicap marginally better than the 552 but the SCDR was a completely different level of performance.
The other thing to consider is whether powering it from the 552 adversely impacts performance of other sources running through the 552. I didn’t really notice any difference on that front when I ran the HCDR but it may be more a piece of mind thing.

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The supercap is somewhat of an improvement over 552 Aux, in every way, I repurposed my existing supercap from the 282 and as I had to wait for the Burndy I tried both the 552 aux and the supercap via a Snaic. The Snaic rather quickly went back to the powered AUX socket. I’ve never preferred a Hicap on a superline even when the AUX alternative was that of a 282.
If you like the fluidity of an Aro the superline from Aux plays the same game, as does a superline via Burndy from a supercap but with more authority, an external ps via a Snaic plays more of the hifi game.

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Hate to think what an ARO -2 might cost . Here in Australia I purchased the ARO quite a number of years ago and that broke the bank, but possibly price driven by rarity in this part of the globe

But what an arm, I love it , also have the Ekos SE on another LP12 which is just fantastic. They just give different presentation to the music, not one is better than the other


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SuperLine and Urika are broadly comparable in absolute terms, but which of the two you’ll prefer is entirely a matter of personal taste. To my ears, the Urika has the edge in terms of resolution, clarity, low noise, etc., so, e.g. if you’re a guitar nerd and you want to hear which model of string the guitarist is using, you might prefer it. I’ve found that the SuperLine better preserves the expressive, gutsy qualities of the music, and remains my choice.

I’ve had my SuperLine powered via AUX, HiCap, and SuperCap. Upgrading from AUX to HiCap brings the expected hi-fi-type improvements, but seems to sacrifice a certain magic in the music. If I was doing it again, I would skip the HiCap. SuperCap is a big improvement.

If you can’t do a proper audition and are tempted to take a punt, I’d recommend starting with the AUX option. If you like it and want to go further, SuperCap will take you there. But if SuperLine/AUX is just not doing it for you, I don’t believe upgrading to a SuperCap will fix that.


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