Naim Supernait 2 problem

Hi guys!

I have new Naim Supernait 2.It has approx. 400 hours run in now.

Today I have noticed that left channel is playing louder than right channel.And the more I reduce the volume the bigger difference becomes.In the end I have situation where left channel is still playing and right channel is totally quite.

Balance knob is set to center.I tried turning it little bit one way or another with no noticeable improvement.

I have tried swapping my speakers first - nothing changed.Then I tried swapping speaker cables - nothing changed.

What can it be?

Whats is the input from
Could this be the issue ??

I think your first port of call should be your dealer who can return it to Naim for a check up.

Do you have the balance issue regardless of input used or source device?

I assume you’ve powered everything down and reseated all your interconnects as well, I’d suggest it’s good practice to occasionally unplug and replug (I do mine probably once a year) any sources anyway to keep the contacts clean.

I would certainly try and isolate other root causes first best you can, powering down and reseating any IC’s is worth doing and also checking the sources on different inputs, if you try all this and the problem is repeatable consistently that would point to the amp itself as
being at fault.

Hope you get it sorted, I have one myself, lovely Integrated.

Sorry guys,forgot to mention that I have the same problem with 3 different inputs (CD5si,ND5xs and TT).So perhaps problem is in SN2

Give your dealer a call, see what they suggest.

when you say you swopped speaker cables do you mean left to right or different cables altogether?

It’s common for some Naim amps to have very slightly mis-matched channel volumes very low down on the scale but matters even-up at normal (low) listening levels.

If you’ve checked everything then it seems you need dealer attentions - e.g. take it back and let them play it - and perhaps seek a loaner if it needs fixing.

I assume you’ve tried the various sources on several of the SN2’s inputs i.e. it’s just not an issue with one input.

I have swapped left to right and then tried different set of cables…

and the problem remains on the left channel? That’s a bit odd! If that’s the case it rules out the amp

Now it seem that I’ve tried everything.I’m giving my dealer a call.
It’s ridiculous.I have just bought my SN2+ND5xs2+CD5si couple months ago.
CD player was already exchanged by dealer with new one dew to technical failure.Now SN2 goes for service.What kind of quality are we getting for such money?! I do already regret that I went Naim way instead of Exposure that was my 2nd option for twice cheaper price:(

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Have you checked the set up between the ND5 XS2 and the SN2? Are you using system automation, is the balance set correctly on the Naim App for the ND5 and have you tried using the SN2 remote as a work around?

I’ve tried listening to my CD player and turntable.all sources give the same problem.
And I don’t use automation on my streamer.Balance adjustment on SN2 itself does not help much,even when the knob is turned 25% towards more quite speaker I still hear difference on lower volumes (even when I’m sitting 3m away from speakers)

If your ND5 is using variable volume control rather than system automation, double check on the app that the output balance is set to be neutral.

If it’s of any solace I’ve had >20 pieces of Naim kit over the years (some for 10Y’s +) and none have had performance issues - the worst I’ve had is a full channel drop-out post a very close-by lightning strike, which returned post a few mins of power-down. Your dealer should (must by legal obligation of course) support you in this matter - and make representations to Naim if these are called for. Sadly, complex electrical kit can go wrong and 400 hours is very early doors for Naim kit, and any component issues normally reveal themselves earlier rather than later.

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Your room is the issue. It are reflections.

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I don’t think so.As a problem is even more noticeable when I’m standing right next to speakers and volume is low…

Sorry to hear you are having hassle. Sometimes I wish there was no balance control or a bypass mode, but fully appreciate that it is very useful sometimes to have one. In the many years I have used Naim I have had one issue with an NDX2 and both my dealer and Naim support were fantastic at getting a replacement. Sure you will find that as well. Just sucks when things go wrong.

Thanks!my dealer is very helpful as I’m not worried about that.The thing that pisses me off is that I have 3 brand new Naim devices and that is 2nd device to visit service in 2 months period since I have purchased them.
I just don’t get what was I’m paying such money for???Embarrassing.However it’s too late to change anything since I won’t get my money back anyway.

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Are you sure that somebody hasn’t pulled the balance knob off and put it back on in the wrong place? The knob turns equally between each channel?

Good one. I had this with the volume knob. Kids around.