Naim Supernait 2 Used Prices?

I was hoping to become an owner of a SN1 that I purchased a couple of weeks ago but on receipt the front bezel was scratched and I had to send it back to the dealer for a refund, I’m now considering saving up for a used Supernait 2 or 3 but maybe the 3 is a bit to long a shot for me at this time. Could I ask what I could expect to pay privately for a used SN2 at the moment without any service but hopefully in tip top condition?. Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen SN2 go for just around £1500 but average seems to be around £1700. Dealers will probably be asking £2000 upwards but I’ve seen the SN3 go for bids around £2000 and that was for a 2019 model. No servicing worries there. What’s your budget?

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I could probably go to 2000 for a SN3 but I’ve
Never seen any of them go for that, wish I had. Probably around 1500 for a two but I’ve only heard a 1 and I liked that hence me wanting to go for one of those. But if a 3 was available for near the price mentioned I’d gladly buy one of those for the phono stage.

I have spent months looking now and again and the best values for each based on that is £1,000 for SN1, £1,600 for SN2 and £2,200 for SN3 (see two or three go for that). But not that easy to find at those prices.

There was a 2 on pink fish for months at £1650 ish, with another that sold for £1600 I think in or around October, but everywhere else they have been more expensive. A number of sellers are trying to get as much as £2200-£2300 for sn2 so the prices are a bit all over the place

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If you are patient I think you’ll find a SN2 for £1,500 - £1,600. It’s likely to be an earlier model so arguably due for a service within the next 5 years. It’s a brilliant amp and I think is a bargain at that price irrespective of service requirements.

I don’t know where you’d find a SN3 for half of the RRP, as has been suggested, and if anything that’s an even greater bargain.

I bought my SN2 ex demo for £2k in 2015 and part exchanged it for £1,700 on a new SN3. Both terrific amps capable of driving most price comparable speakers.

Keep searching because it will be worth it.


eBay used item search.

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That’s the thing about buying one of the amplifiers they are probably due for a service which I believe is around £400. If I bought a SN1 even if I found one in the last year of the production I’m probably looking at it needing to be serviced. This would inevitably take it into the area of a used SN2 of 2015 age price wise. I guess if I could find a SN2 at 1500 within the last manufacture year I would eventually save a bit as it wouldn’t be due a service for 4/5 years?. A 2012 SN1 without service I would equate to £1400 all told. It’s a difficult one.

I wouldn’t bother with SN3 unless very attractive price.
OK, SN3 have MM phonostage if thats needed.
A SN2 is not that far soundwise, some would even prefer SN2 with a separate phonostage.
I sold my SN2 and went Naim separates followed by a Rega Aethos.

Looking at new classic boxes and their massive sales, this could move s/h old classic prices quite a bit down, even more when Naim launch a Supernait in the new classic look, sure this will happen sooner or later.
(Supernait lifetime is usually 6-7 years looking back)

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Are the sales really massive?

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Used availability is country dependant of course, here in the UK you’ll find any of the Supernaits used relatively easily, probably not the case elsewhere in the world.
If you want the most value I’d focus on sourcing a SN2 and not worry overly about the servicing interval. Check the serial number (Serial numbers | Naim Audio) to determine year of manufacture and assume it’s not been serviced since new unless someone provides a service invoice or you ask Naim directly if they have a record of seeing it again since it was built.
As long as it’s not been driven too hard by it’s previous owners it should be fine for 15 years without any significant degradation in performance, it’ll still work fine beyond that just not quite as well as it would have done new or after a service.
The SN2 benefits from a HiCap DR powering it’s preamp section, you can add one later as funds allow.
It’ll work well with Naim’s own NAC A5 speaker cables (aim for 4m+ pair) or at least cable that has a decent track record like WitchHat, Tellurium Q, Kudos etc.
Avoid short speaker cables regardless of type/brand, it’ll work ok down to about 2m but will sound a lot better between 4-8m.
It’ll sound better on a proper shelf or rack as well, all simple and fairly cheap tuning steps.


I paid £1600 delivered for my used SN2 last November. Sold as customer trade in on eBay by a dealer. SN put date of manufacture at 2014.
If you’re not in a rush I find it useful to set up a notification/alert on the site when something is listed. Gives you the chance to get in quick if a bargain crops up.


Assumely as production capacity outsourced.

Massive in relative terms, building everything by hand in Salisbury has a finite capacity.

Do you mean assembly everything by hand,?
Some automatic machinery might be going on for the circuit boards, implemented back in the late 80s I recall.

DIN and RCA inputs as an example, they are wired in by hand not by a machine.

I do wonder whether it’s all just for the initial orders both for the 200 series and what comes next. Once the rush dies down I suspect production will slowly revert back to Salisbury. I think currently the old classics are built to order.

Paul, Thats wishfull thinking - looking at the scenarios, I guess they will keep up Slovakia satellite location just in case. (provided they are approved now ?)

Open up for several solutions, I’d be surprised if they continue to make same product two places. It would be logically if Slovakia went with entry levels/Unitis and maybe 200 range, letting Salisbury do 300/500 range.

All scenarios are open in my book.


Could I ask about whether leaving such equipment on all the time or switching it off after every listen would have a major effect on an item needing to be serviced?. If an item say is 5 years old and has been left on for 5 years does it lead to the components ageing three times as fast, and consequently a service due after 4 years rather than 12?. Thanks to all who have answered so far.

Also if I could ask is a Hicap a serious upgrade to the 1 but not so with a 2?, reading on here I’m considering for a 1 it really is black and white of an improvement but for a 2 marginal and sometimes not necessarily essential?.

I had that conversation with Naim support not long ago. Whichever you do doesn’t affect Naim service intervals. Caps degrade over time anyway.

You don’t need to leave it on (but you can if you want). Switching on to warm up a bit before every listening session is probably all that is needed. Personally I leave my stuff on although I can’t really say why. Probably laziness :blush: