Naim supernait 3 replacement

Do you think Naim will replace the supernait 3 quickly?

No, it’s only been out since mid 2019.
Sn1 2007
Sn2 2013
Sn3 2019
??? 2025??? Maybe

Ndx2 = 2018
NSS 333= 2023
So maybe in one year ? :grin:

The ndx2, as I understand it, is not being replaced.

Strange one that.

282/252 - gone, replaced by 332

Not sure why naim would continue building NDX2 now 333 is out! Perhaps, given generally stated September dates for availability of 300 series, we will see it discontinued in a few months time.

We are 5.5 months into 2023 and we have seen two very big product announcements from NAIM. Will we see more during this anniversary year?

The 300 series seems complete. The 200 series does not seem complete, lacking a dedicated pre-amp without streamer. In a rather confusing fashion, the NPX 300 is listed as a 200-series product on their website. Will we see an NPX 200 or NPX 100 to replace the HiCap DR? It would be cool if the Nait 50 is a preview of a series of “shoebox” products that become part of the standard lineup.

Will the 500 series be replaced at all? Giant monoblocks?

Will the XS 3 and 5si integrated amps be replaced at all or will the Uniti series replace these long-term?

I am 150% confident we will see a New Classic Supernait. I doubt it will be called Supernait 4. The question is when? I would guess by Munich High End 2024 we will see the replacement New Classic Supernait. A Statement Supernait would also be nice.

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I assume they’re keeping the NDX2 around to offer a source better than an ND5XS2 to match the still current integrated amplifiers. Also, maybe to give current classic separates owners a chance at getting one if they haven’t already. However, it seems odd that the HiCap is being discontinued as now there will be no upgrade available for the SN3.

Yes I guess SN3/NDX2 set still makes sense as neither is actually discontinued, with upgrade to both boxes via used PSU.

I would have thought 99% of dealers who had a customer walk in with room for two boxes would now show them to a demo room with 222/250 though.

The NSS333 is much more expensive than the NDX2.

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I recently added a new HiCap DR to my 2020 SN3, its a whole new world, like I have an entirely new speaker, clearer detail, separation and punch. I guess it’s the current equivalent of the imaginary future SN4, with 2 power sources, RRP around £5,500 ?


The New Classic products are all far more expensive like for like. Considering a factory fresh Supernait 3 is a whisker shy of £4k you can be sure anything NC as an integrated is going to come in probably closer to the £5k mark.
I think the logic of keeping the NDX2 alive is that they know a lot of people either have or would like to pair it with a Supernait, and lacking a NC Integrated they’d leave a big hole and excessive price gap to add a NSS 333 (the £7900 fancy NDX2).
I went through a similar discussion with my dealer a few days back, his view being to take a source first approach and pair a NSS 333 with my SN3 and enter a holding position, namely sit and wait for the NC Supernait to materialise.
I’m actually planning to start with a move to a NC NAP 250 and remove the SN3 and NDX 2 from the equation and reuse my Selekt DSM as a streaming preamp in the interim, I can’t imagine that being too awful a stop gap setup in the grand scheme of things.

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…its replacement is not yet available!


Does the Selekt DSM have balanced impedance outputs like Naim new classic pre-amps? If not, does that impact the pairing to NAP250?

There is the NSS 333 though which is a New Classic digital source, albeit a 300 Series one.
Does make you ponder what else lies to be added to the 200 Series from a preamp and source perspective.

In the words of my dealer, “Sounds good, not tried that yet” followed by, “pop over next week”.
Ultimately it’s an interim to there being an NSC 222 in there instead.
The Selekt Stereo Line Out Cartridge has both XLR and RCA outputs, I’d imagine there’s a configurable mix that’ll work well enough.

Yes, but the 333 is not yet available to buy.

My suspicion is that there will be a NC Supernait at some point, but possibly no more separate pre/power amps below what has already been announced.

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Hard to tell ultimately, there’s a lot of lingering product in the lower rungs that could see a nice refresh over the next 3-4 years, almost certainly an updated Nait at some point.
I think it’s why my refresh plans have seen me look to start with the thing least likely to change namely the NAP 250, that will have a use in practically any system I find myself with for some time to come.


So true! I just got my HiCapDr recapped and serviced and I can’t believe how much better it is than the standalone SN3(Standalone SN3 is outstanding btw)

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Never stopped them before. Axed 272 years before it’s replacement. Bonkers but, they did it.

It did drag on, I never owned one personally
but I came out in solidarity for the poor sods that were in that holding position for the NSC 222 to materialise. It gave everyone something to talk about other than Ethernet cables at least :partying_face: