Naim Supernait 3 turn on 'noise'


I have just purchased a new Naim Supernait 3 and just wondering any owners are having a similar experience.

On power-up, the front mute button illuminates and a ‘pop’ noise can be heard via the speakers. After the mute button turns off (amp is ready) another ‘pop’ can be heard. Is this normal?

Thanks for reply

Perfectly normal.

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Yes all normal.
Why not keep it powered on all the time, that’s what it’s designed to do.


Thanks all, just picked up the amp on Wednesday and moved it to a different room. I have an old audiolab 8000a that is quiet during the warm-up time after switched on. Hence, a little concern when there is ‘pop’ noise during ‘mute’ time. It is my single most expensive purchase and my first naim.

Welcome to the world of Naim and get ready to deal with some idiosyncrasies :slight_smile:
The Supernait 3 is a great piece of kit.

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Don’t dealers explain this?
They should do!

They should. People who purchased a 4300 euro device might also want to check out the manual.


As I have posted in another thread. This is your friend.


Thanks for the reply. I did read the manual. However, I was expecting the noise to appear at the point when I press the ‘on’ button or after the mute button is turned off. As mentioned, my 30-year-old audiolab 8000a did not have any noise during the warm-up period. Just a click sound from within the amp once it is ready.

It is a pity that your dealer did not tell you. I get that it can be confusing with Naim. I thought you did not read it (which is not uncommon on the forum) because the manual says there is a sound and your unit makes a sound. I would have been satisfied by this and did not consider the possibility that you might expect it at a certain time.

Your Audiolab probably had a relay in the output that engaged when ready, hence the click. Many amps do, but it’s purely cosmetic. Not a thing that Naim does. Naim recommends to leave the unit on anyway.

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I have a SuperNait 3 + HiCap DR. Same deal with mine. It’s not that big of a deal, the clicks and pops.

I actually haven’t had an amp that didn’t do this. Parasound, Krell, Adcom, Hypex N-Core, NAD, Arcam, etc.

Naim stuff is designed to be left on 24/7. Both for SQ purposes but also for equipment longevity. Charging up the caps and the inrush of the large toroidal xformer place not insignificant strains on the equipment.

I purchase the unit without an audition (Naim having a 15% promo). Hence, did not spend enough time at the dealer’s shop to go through the details. I did however call and informed the staff about the situation, however, he is unable to confirm the exact scenario. Although, he did mention about the noise upon powering up and down the amplifier. Anyway, the listed price is AU$8000 down under.

Thanks for the information. How long is the run-in time for the SuperNait 3 before it starts to sound good? I am using the tuner to run-in the amplifier. My old Arcam+ cd is probably near the end of its useful life so not using it at the moment.

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It didn’t hit its stride for nearly a week. With improvements still seen at the month mark. I would estimate that 70-80% of the break in is done after two weeks. But I had music playing at a low level 24/7 to aid this.

HiCap DR is also going to have a long break in. But the baseline at minute number 1 is already an obvious improvement from the broken in SN3.

Thanks for the information. Is the HiCap Dr a significant improvement for the Supernait 3? I am thinking of getting a cd5si, but afraid there might be an update soon. As there is a sale going on, was thinking of the HiCap DR add-on.

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Demo the HiCap DR, you will be able to make a decision quickly.

Rip you CD’s to NAS and buy a streamer it will give you more access to music.


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I would not bother for the HiCap DR now, enjoy your new amplifier, let it break in and then you can decide further down the road if adding something is worthwile.

For the CD player i would rather think that is it more probable that Naim will discontinue it rather than add a new modell. But this is just speculation. So if you are in need of a CD Player i d go for the 5si if the price is right.

Yep. Huge improvement in my system by adding the HiCap DR. The SN3 nearly sounds like a different integrated amp altogether with the HCDR connected.

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One pop is normal for all naim amps 2 pops is of cause double as good as one but I seems to remember only one pop. The supernait has an extra updated unmute pop that is not described in the manual and faq and not something I have been used to on older amps 82 and 252.

My 252 makes a slight quiet mute and unmute pop. (I don’t think my dealer’s demo unit did, but can’t be sure)