Naim SuperUniti Opiniona

Hello, im looking for opinion about Naim SuperUniti. My goal is to listen music from tidal via wifi as router is in other room + connect it to tv to watch movies from Netflix/HBO go/rakuten etc. Speakers Elac FS 217

Can purchase it from second hand for around 1500 euro made in 2013 but i never use it before and its not easy to find many opinions about it.

Hi, I think the Superuniti is a great player for the money. You should be able to connect it to your TV via optical. However, WiFi is not great on the Superuniti, and I would strongly recommend that you use a wired Ethernet connection. If you really can’t connect it back to your router, you could always wire it to a local wireless device that can connect to your router over WiFi.

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Problem is that wifi module lose connection or its about bad range even if its pretty good? Router is not so far around 3-4m behinde 2 walls. Is superuniti be able to connect to 5ghz wi-fi?

What about application for Tidal?

The range of the 2.4 GHz WiFi is not good and it can’t use 5 GHz WiFi. Tidal works fine but the buffer on all the older Naim streamers is quite small and if you have poor connectivity where you live back to the Tidal server, then you may get drop outs or streams stopping. This isn’t your own broadband I’m talking about, it’s the internet connectivity further in the public network.

Apart from that the SuperUniti is excellent. I have two myself and I’m very happy with them.



Thanks for help :slight_smile: so i need to buy Access Point also had to think about it got two options roksan Caspian m2 plus Ca music streamer 6 or naim superunit

Hi, I have a SuperUniti and it is a fantastic bit of kit. I use it mainly for FM Radio via a roof arial and for streaming from my own NAS which is at the other end of my house near the router. I use ethernet plugs which work very well indeed. The music from the SuperUniti is top class and I have owned it from new. I have not used any streaming services with it, so can’t comment on how it interfaces with Tidal etc.

Try a powerline ( not the Naim cable) I had the same problem. Superuniti in a room and the wifi router in another. I was disappointed by the wifi connection so I decided to buy a Netgear powerline. Easy to setup,inexpensive and really effective.About the Superuniti IMHO it’s a remarkable unit and you will really enjoy it.

Any powerline proposition btw? :wink: That was my second step in "upgrade " GigaWatt PF-1e + Gigawatt LC-1 EVO 1m

About “it” powerline thinking about TP-LINK TL-WPA4220 as it got 2x rj45 out one transmiter i could connect tv and naim via ethernet

I thoroughly recommend use of the full fat Powerline… the improvement is not subtle. I think the Superuniti is a wonderful bit of Naim kit and despite there being newer I have no intention of ‘updating’ any time soon.

full fat Powerline you mean orginal powerline from naim? Well price is to high at the moment its 50% of superunit

True it’s not cheap… but if you are settled on a one box solution then the Powerline is a wonderful upgrade.

Have to think about it

Personally I wouldn’t bother with adding a Naim Powerline to a SuperUniti, at least not in the short term and not unless you can get one cheap second hand.



This is what im thinking david

Btw any sugestion about speakers for superuniti? :wink: Just wonder.

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I would agree, I found that the benefits of a Powerline on a SU were marginal, and not really worth the cost.

I had PMC 20/23 on my Superuniti and really loved this combination.

My SuperUniti with ProAc D20Rs was a wonderful combination.

Im far away to be a audiophile but on logic i would invest 800euro into speakers not in powerline.

I also have a SuperUniti and really enjoy it. I chose it over the Uniti Atom two years ago and I’m glad I did. However, mine is connected via Ethernet, never tried WiFi.
Tidal is integrated so you use the Naim app to control your Tidal music.
I’ve recently added a innuos zen mini to act as CD ripper/storage/server and to be able to use Tidal, Qobuz and Roon with the SuperUniti. It brings the Uniti up a level in sound quality.
Speakers are Kudos X2