Naim Superuniti with SBL's?

Hi, just wanted to get some advice on pairing my Superuniti with speakers. I currently have a pair of ATC SCM11’s and a pair of EPOS ES11’s, both sound really good but think I prefer the EPOS. What I’m thinking now is buying a secondhand pair of the famous SBL’s. Do you think I will notice a great deal of difference buy upgrading to the SBL’s?? Just want to hear people’s views before making the plunge.
Thanks in advance.

You really need to try them for yourself as just because others like them, you may not. Do you have a solid brick wall to put them against? Do you know how to set them up? Are they in good condition? Another option is to sell your least preferred speaker, don’t buy any more, and use the money to upgrade the SuperUniti to a Nova.

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I’d reinforce the brick wall/solid floor point from personal experience.

That said, even in their compromised position I’ve run my SBLs with an Atom and been pleasantly surprised.

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They are amazing speakers and will probably work ok with your SU. However, they were designed to be used in a top Linn/Naim system and they can be very revealing. You really need to try them. If you get only 80% of their magic it might be the best purchase you ever make…


I suspect this an itch that simply has to be scratched!

Whatever else happens, you will be left with a deep admiration for Naim’s ability to solve electrical and acoustic ‘problems’ through mechanical engineering. Or at least, I was.

One thing though, please keep hold of your ATCs.

Enjoy the journey, and pay close attention to the SBL setup. Take your time. There is loads of good advice here on the forum, it’s a great resource.

Be very, very careful buying SBLs if you don’t know what to look for.
Do your research - this forum is superb for that :wink:
Ask lots of questions, read lots of threads

Don’t touch anything with damaged drivers
Expect to buy a new sealing kit

Expect to spend considerable time setting them up

After all that, if all goes well, expect to grin from ear to ear :grinning:

SBLs are not to everyone’s tastes. I had them for a while in a top Linn/Naim system and couldn’t love the sound. Eventually sold them to a well known Naim dealer and went to Sonus Faber Guarneris, then back to Linn Isobariks, Linn Saras for fun. and then to B&W 800s over about 15 years. Enjoyed the journey though!

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