Naim System for Russell K 120

Hi all, first post on here but looking for some pointers. I’ve had Russell K Red 120 speakers for sometime now but at the time of purchasing didn’t plan on spending so much on speakers and so only have them running off a Unitiqute2! Don’t get me wrong, the sound is great, but I know that they deserve better!

As a step by step upgrade, what might be a good route to go down?? I must admit that I am confused by the many naim boxes available!


I had and listened to them a while back on the end of a Nova, I liked them, but felt they would be too relentless long term for me. I would try the new Uniti range for all in one systems . If boxes and money is not an issue then one of the new streamers and Supernait 3 would be great.


Perhaps they are not for everyone but I love them. In the right system they are cracking and certainly get my foot tapping…

I am open to any upgrade options, and tbh quite like the idea of moving to seperates (with max 3 boxes), so a step by step improvement may work best cost wise. Just not sure what the first step (or suitable end result) could be?

Perhaps a power amp upgrade for the Unitiqute2 first? Or can I run an integrated amp off it and just use the streaming section of the qute before getting another streamer? Appologies of these are slightly uninformed questions!

Hi Richard, you should try to form some idea of how far you want to go with this, at least in the short/medium term. Do you definitely want just one box, or are you prepared to consider 2…or 3…or 10? Do you have a budget in mind?
If you just want to give the speakers more power, you can add an external power amp to your Unitiqute, and things should improve. Ideally, though, you then should have a better source. So depending on your budget, you could look at something like ND5XS2/NaitXS3, or NDX2/Supernait3. (These are current products - older used models can save you a LOT of money, such as NDX/Supernait2 if you are happy with the old streaming platform that your Unitiqute runs.)
For a classic 3-box system, NDX(2?)282/200DR would be nice. a 250 would be really nice, but then you also need a Hicap, so another (small) box.
All these systems can be bought one box at a time so that you can spread the cost. For example, use the Unitiqute as a source into an integrated or preamp, or buy a separate streamer, and use it with the UQ2 as an amp.

I luv them too…but not for me in the end. The ND5xs2 is a great streamer, there are plenty of Supernait 2 around as people trade up to the latest version if funds do not allow the SN3. I was also impressed by the new Aethos amp from Rega. Perhaps if you could give some more details on how you use you latest system, others can chime in.

Thanks for the advice this far…

To give more information, I’d be happy with max 3 boxes. Cost wise I want to get a lot more out of them without going too crazy, which for me I suppose is around £5k max for electronics. I’d happily look at used stuff too.

The best system I have owned in the past is a Superuniti with PMC 20.23 so if I can go a little beyond the quality of that that’d be great! I personally think the Russell K’s destroy the 20 series so if I can just give them the power and control they need that’d be great. Would around 5k do it?

I predominantly use my system for streaming from a NAS drive and also use it for films / TV sound.

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For that budget, the good new options are the Nova of the XS2 and ND5 XS2, would probably need a side by side comparison. Used, the SN2 and NDX would be quite a step up I think and then a power supply upgrade for the three boxes.

You could get a new Nd5xs2 and ex demo SN2 for under £5k…or if you can stretch the budget an SN3. You need to talk to a friendly dealer to listen to your options and what deals they can put together. Most of my system is ex demo…it makes it affordable…ish.

Thanks Mike S, Gazza, ChrisSU. Ive briefly considered all those products in the past.

Would there be any way of a stage upgrade process with those and my qute? Ie. As a starting point, could I get the XS2 or SN and still use the streamer section of the Qute?

I believe that you could run the line out from the Qute to the power amp stages of the XS2 or SN, though not tried it myself and I traded mine against the SN2. I’m not sure how the volume control would work, I think you have to run that from the Qute with a fixed volume setting on the XS2 or SN, others will know.

If you are going to continue streaming from a NAS on your local network, the old streamers are fantastic value now that they have been superceded. You can get an NDX for maybe £1500, with the option to upgrade it with an external PSU in future if you want to . What you should think about, perhaps, is if you might start to use web based streaming services in future, as they can make a huge amount of music instantly accessible, and if you go that way, the new streamers are a better bet. The ND5XS2 would be a good fit here.
As for amps, any of the old or new generation Naits, either XS series or Supernait, would be a step up from your Unitiqute. So your £5k budget is looking good.

Anyone know if this is possible?

Yes, you can do this with a Supernait or NaitXS.

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There are plenty of bridge-boxes available now at various price levels. An example is Lindemanns Limetree Bridge (10x10cm) that plugs into a digital in (like 272) and gives you lots of services like Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify, podcasts/radio, Roon, Highresaudio. That box cost about eur 800. Could be worth a try.

I think it actually makes sense to separate the services and only have optimized Roon/UPnP in the expensive boxes and the most probably more shortlived internet services in a cheaper digital-only-box.

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