Naim the future. Anyone have a crystal ball?

Since joining the forum a few months back I have read many posts looking at areas such as the age of pr-amps, desire for reduced box counts and discontinuations such as 272 and DAC.

Its been said that Salisbury has limited capacity and discontinuing products might mean something big is brewing so I thought it was a good time to read about what everyone thinks might happen next, or say what they would like to see from Naim in the future.

To start it off how about the following, IMHO of course…

New pre-amp range with internal DAC’s on all pre-amps.
The world is going to stay digital, early Naim was brave enough to discard tone controls so why not go 100% digital now? Benefit is that incorporating DAC’ s into the pre-amp would increase SQ over the current range.

Modular LP12 model - DAC’s technology is constantly changing so pre-amps with internal DAC’s could be upgraded every few years.

Music streamers. Posts on music streamers often say that an external DAC improved SQ. With high performance DAC’s in each Entry/Classic/500 pre-amp new music streamers would no longer need internal DAC’s and become a pure digital source. The box could be replaced every few years as technology changes, or boxes could be designed as modular systems with internal upgrades every few years.

The Forum Naim adds a Kindergarten Corner. Somewhere inexperienced Naim babies can ask questions about stacking order or cable dressing etc without disturbing the more meaningful discussions in Hi-fi Corner. Naim elders could continue to support the babies on a charitable basis without first thinking “oh no not again - just check the archive”.

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Naim is about power supplies so I think they buy a license to build Linn Dynamiks and put them in a hicap case to finally get more eco friendly solutions.

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You want the digital stages away from analog circuitry so you certainly wouldn’t want DAC’s in pre amps for ultimate quality.

Also DAC technology changes so is preferable within the streamers.
Pre amps and amps tech doesn’t change much.

How Naim have The line up now is perfect for future changes and as a business model in my opinion.

Get the Aro back into production, thanks


Regarding the Kindergarten I think what might be better is a few more FAQs, including stacking order, cable dressing and basic network setup. It must be better for people to be able to read up and not have to ask these really basic questions in the first place, or if they do ask to at least base the question on a little knowledge so they get a more useful response.


What happened to the Javelin arm - that seemed to be a worthy Aro replacement ?

It has been thrown away :slight_smile:


They need to get into room correction. A single box Uniti with room correction to match Lyngdorf’s offerings would be good.

They should also consider making active speakers with Naim amps and streaming integrated.

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I think Naim have the range pretty spot on at the moment, they have stayed with the ethos of JV

The new streaming platforms are world class in the world today and ND 555 is a prime example

I for one don’t want my analogue singal turned into digital, but except Linn have done this well

The range of Pre’s are more than capable of offering music at all levels and with PSU all upgrade the music experience

On advice the forum has always been there to offer, opinions, advice and guidance, but as @hungryhalibut mentioned little bit more research sometimes

There are other manufacturers of course which offer different musical experiences, but I am not the future after 20 years I have arrived at my goal superb musical reproduction and that’s all I ever wanted from leaving school is music which makes my skin shiver


They do, they are called Mu-so.

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But the Mu-So are not separate stereo speakers, as would be equal to otiose being driven by the Uniti range.

@XMB No worries, just joking, I know what you meant - but unlikely nevertheless.

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Focal already do active studio monitors, so it would not be a big step to offer Hi-Fi versions with streaming included. If they don’t offer such products in the future they may be pushed out of the market.

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Can I put in a vote for a Supernova


I must have missed these. Maybe I blinked.



I think the development of active speakers/no box solutions are really interesting. Amps perfectly matched to speakers and built in steaming units - as long as you aren’t a vinyl
user it rapidly becomes a very good solution.

Seperate to that, interesting to see things like the Brooklyn Bridge, which I think nails the current market perfectly, pre-amp streaming dac with a single analogue input/phono stage.

Other than my Rega last time I used a analogue input was my wives Nintendo wii in 2006.

Room EQ has also got very interesting, imagine having a system that sounds the way Naim wants it to sound in your living room…

There have been recent threads regarding members who moved or at least demonstrated more powerful integrated amplifiers. How about a new integrated amp with say 90 watts, or higher, and perhaps in two boxes the pre/power in one and power supply(s) in a separate box. Something like this would fit my four box solution quite nicely!


I bet that something Big is brewing, a complete revision to the reference line up is my what my crystal ball is predicting.
New case work as they try to cut cost to manufacture, no external power supplies to attract a wider base of people and lower box count, a lot of people don’t understand why the supplies are needed and this would simplify hook up.
I’m sure Naim have learnt lots during the development of the Statement that has the power supply in the case.
This is needed to tie the product line together to show a family resemblance.
Just like when the Nap 500 launched, you new the whole line up would change.

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I’m inclined to agree. If a new 272 is in the pipeline then it should come in the new livery. If this is so then it will need a matching power amplifier that would also need to be in the new livery. At that point it is clear that we would have a new generation of Naim products emerging.

The lack of an i series streamer makes me feel that the i series will be discontinued soon. It has already been replaced by the Uniti products.


Other threads seem to be aimed at reduced box count but do you think this is widespread?

The streamer threads also have many posts recommending PSU upgrades as the way forward. Not a streamer, but ultimate upgrade path for Naim might be the 282 that can run off one Hicap, two Hicaps or a Supercap. Of course once you get to this level a move to a 252 is only a small step up in cost.

Isn’t this a better way forward for owners and Naim?