Naim tibia 14?

Is there something like this? Can I get it from a Naim dealer?

Appreciate the feedback.

It not a Naim cable, looks like it’s a home brew from Canuck Audio, a Canadian cmpy
I assume the 14 number refers to AWG, that’s 2.5mm/2

AV Options here in the States sell some ac cables that are similar.

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Wasn’t the Tibia the cable that NANA used on Naim kit in the US? I’m not certain, but it rings a bell.

I believe Tibia was a name the Well Shin Co of Taiwan used for cable products in their USA product line
Shin = Tibia ?

I have the AV Options Tibia Plus Deep Cryo cable.

Indeed, the ‘shin bone’ is the tibia.

Just do a search for AV Options and you will find their website. They do Naim repairs and now sell Chord and Roon along with AC and speaker cables.

I have three of there TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC cables used on my XPS DR, HiCap DR and SuperNait 2.

You will find a lot of recommendation/references from users on their website.

i already have an av options tibia plus 12. but since i bought it two years back, the price seems to have doubled!!!

I have three of those AV Options cables but don’t even use two of them anymore. Replaced with PowerLines.

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