Naim tibia specs

So do we have below information about the standard naim tibia ?

  • what gauge is it?
  • is it shielded?
  • any inductance specification?
  • any specific recommended length (for power cord for naim amp)

Appreciate the feedback.

The Tibia was originally a NANA product so your best bet would probably be to ask Chris at AV Options who may well have that info to hand.

What is NANA?

Naim Audio North America, the old Naim distributor for the US some years back.

So the standard power cord for naim in UK is not the tibia?

If so what is it? Any specs on that? (I am not talking about the powerline or powerline lite here).

Appreciate the feedback.

The stnd power cord in UK is the PowerLine Lite
PVC, 3 core, 0.75mm/2 (20awg), molded IEC socket & the Naim special UK 13A plug.

No, the Tibia was just for North America.

If I am not mistaken the powerline lite is recent. Prior to that what was the standard power cord in the UK? And any specs on that pls?

And BTW are the powerlines shielded?

It’s the same as the Powerline Lite but with a standard mains plug.

What does this mean : 0.75mm/2 ?

20 awg?

The naim tibia in the usa seems much thicker?

That’s the cross sectional area of each of the cores.

I see you have some answers from the halibut.
What are you looking for from ‘specs’
The cable is 0.75mm/2, translated to US english this means each of the 3 cores is 0.75 millimetre square (wire cross section area) this a about half way between 18 & 19awg & is rated at 6 amps in Europe & it’s about the same in US
The sleeve & core insulation is regular PVC & its not screened.
The moulded on IEC socket & it looks to be about the best I’ve seen of it’s type.
Not much more to say really, is a good quality IEC cord, it’s from the same far east mnftr that was the previous stnd Naim power cord, now it has the Naim designed 13A plug & called PowerLine Lite.

My Naim Tibia says 14 awg on it. It is not shielded. I know because I changed the plug on one of them and saw the inside. And no, changing the plug to a Furutech did not improve the sound.

From the AVOPTIONS website.

Depending on the version of the Tibia Deep-Cryo cable you purchased it has a different specification. Currently priced from $219.00 to $39.00 each depending on model selected.

  • Tibia12, TibiaPlus12 - 12 gauge (AWG) grounded - 12/3 SJT - 15A, 125V - UL and C-UL (CSA) listed
  • Tibia, TibiaPlus - 14 gauge (AWG) grounded - 14/3 SJTW - 15A, 125V - UL and C-UL (CSA) listed
  • Tibia C7 AC cable: 18 gauge (AWG) - 18/2 SJTW - 10A, 125V - NEMA 1-15P non-polarized 2-Prong plug to IEC-60320-C7 non-polarized female plug - UL and C-UL (CSA) listed

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